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Guys welcome back to the show. Brad williams man. I love him. I love that guy will always be friends with him and Love his comedy. Go check out his show and Let me just say this. We just got a voicemail from kris kristofferson about it's about the stanley cup and you're going to want to hear it here he got hey boy has ago. And it's me crash kris kristofferson. And i gotta tell you is currently recording unicef voicemail. You just message while i woken up in a hotel room. I do not know where i am when i look outside of the window. I feel like. I'm soon in the florida panhandle but it's also very likely that oklahoma panhandle is well. I'm definitely in a handles portion of state. And i gotta tell you boys i woke up with a very unexpected visitor next to me and no it is not what you think. It is not like the time that i woke up next year. They're lovely suzanne share. This time i woke up. And i woke up next to me was a little lady called lord stanley cope and which is very weird. Because i've not been in tampa for several minds. So i don't even know how i got in possession of this thing but you know i'll take and i mean full disclosure. I did have sex with it. But i mean wouldn't you if you woke up next lord stanley cup wearing only one shoe. I mean you'd fuck it right anyway. So i need to get this thing back over tampa bay and i need to know if y'all could just help me take care of that too. You know. I have an old dhl account. I can have a diner's club card that i could send over because you know the diners club is were all the people down and I just need to get this out of the way because you know a i wanna make sure it gets back to where it belongs because definitely does not belong with me. Chris chris christopherson so if you could just you know send a courier over and just let them know that. I'll be checking out at around two pm today. Because i've got a an appointment with the show rapid us to look about back because i'm old and i've got back problems so anyway To sum up just to recap everything. I've been talking about. Don't do drugs. Because that's that's why i called right. I'm recording a psa. That's what this is anyway. I could just laying face down in the sand somewhere. A omaha nebraska. Who knows anyway. You always have a blessed blessed evening and remember that when there was one footprint in the sand that was win the limits became window lemons became. Yeah i mean. There's nothing about that story that surprises me in any way shape or form. Of course that would have happened. Of course that would have happened to him and only him like it. Like you know how. There's that feeling only when you're hi. This is what would happen in all right guys. That is a show. Thank you so. Much to brad williams. Go check out his live. show guys. they're only a couple of tickets left for our show tomorrow night. Live dump people town. Go to a bright dot com. Look dumb people town. We're gonna announce who is going to be our guest on on the musical guests already. He's going to be our guest on december twelve th for a holiday show so get your tickets. Now there's only a couple left of at bright dot com. I've done people town We love guys stay connected stay protected. Don't get infected. That's we see in our daily show to check out our daily show. Scarborough country the virus edition. Good our youtube. Page slobber country and go and become Join our facebook page just like sklar brothers. Facebook page for putting up videos stand up with descriptions about where we did. What the a bit that. We you know the bits that we're doing so we appreciate all that up. Just take care of yourself much water. Faucets washer handsome receive next week.

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