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More a rubbish week is being Spurs, of course, losing one now against man's United. And it was confirmed that I Harry Kane out with ankle ligament damage. He's out until March you can take a look at the matches that he's gonna miss key ties suppose against Chelsea in the cow. No so much, but really the stand that one is Bruce Dalton is I like that Champions League tie. And then it's Chelsea the end of February as well. In the Premier League Lovie statement. They're going to miss him. Well, the sun's always well exactly and the Asian Cup what she leaves them with Lorenzetti look. And if none of them we expected when he came on the weekends or you could play daily Ali push for the fold, but they're not gonna win the league. We know for my United now the chasing park my seven points. This this could this could drop them potentially buck into the cheese of of mon- United. So it's huge huge. Also goes down to the. By anybody in someone to buck up some of the key players and keep Leah a not might come back to bite Daniel Levy and the buck site, so you don't have death. Because obviously, we don't think that your day is the answer. He's a guy that can just come in and do a job. Yeah. Ten minutes at a time like seventy nine. Yes. Yes. And you know, exactly what you're going to get from him. So it's now depending upon the others to be able to step in and do a job. Well, one of the others would be human song, and he's not available gone to Asian governed. So now, where's the offense going to come? From is it's it's not only that you don't get. You're not getting the goals from Harry Kane. But it's his presence is the fact that you know, this is a guy that if you put the ball into a dangerous area. He's going to go talk. He's gonna score goals and that attracts attention from other teams. Well, now their teams are not tracked that to that player anymore. And so therefore all displays that you were getting if your daily alley to running behind to appear late in the bucks, you're not gonna get that same space because people are not paying attention to that goal scoring ability of Harry king, though, the thing for me is that..

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