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But that qualified you to be the commissioner of a football. No. Not at all. He was on the road for 5 years. That's all he did. What did he do? I don't know if he was the president and general manager of the Houston dynamo. What? Oh, well I guess that's what I guess okay. Wow. He was a president of NFL Europe. Okay, so he has some background. Well, there you go. Okay. Yeah. Interesting. Okay. All right, buddy. Enjoy your millions of dollars at Vince paja and whatever that settlement was. That was also an NDA. We're never going to find out about that. Oh, my God. Right. Also, The Rock surprise is cousin and WWE superstar Tamina with a new house. You can see the video on his Instagram. Hey rock, how long have you had a $1 billion? Yeah. You just now given your family houses? Brock said she deserves a lot more than a single mom raising two kids all while living the hard life as a pro wrestler on the road. Wrestling nights for years. I wanted to bring a little stability in my cousin's life for her and her kids. Is it single mom? She's still technically married to tozawa, I think. Took me one second to what? You said it was us a serious face. What the fuck is disappoint? Rock also surprised his mother with a new house last month, but I'm sure that's probably the 5th new house. But I'm gonna say like, how do you post that? She's crying and you're like, wait, rock, you should have, who's the first person you would buy a house for? No, but he's bought in her 5 houses. But then why is she crying? I can't believe. Like, what is happening? Yeah. Tamina was, but yeah. Well, I mean, I get that, right? I mean, you don't owe anybody anything. You don't owe your cousin anything. Right. But if you have one. There's gonna be a video next week of rock buying Roman Reigns a house. It's gonna be like acknowledge me. He just throws him through one of the walls. The WrestleMania bitch. Also, unfortunately, we lost two former WWE referees this past. Same week. Crazy. Rest in peace. Two days of each other, right? Yeah. Dave Hebner and Tim white. I saw Tim white at WrestleMania this year. Like WrestleMania Sunday, I was on the floor and I saw him walking around and I was like, oh, that's him. Yeah. Yeah. How long did Dave Hebner actually officiate? I read that. But I read that he was a referee for when macho man won the title. Really? Yeah. Did they call him Earl? I don't know. Was he just moonlighting as his brother, twin brother? I don't think they call the refs anything. Just go out there. Our AW is the one where it's like, oh, referee Aubrey Edwards, there she is. Yeah. You know? All right, on to rumors. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Bel Air club to finally get a second member? Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia. So last week, wrestling Inc's Raj giri tweeted that his WWE source told him that Sasha Banks has been released, however, WWE has still yet to confirm this. Yeah, but if she has been in the publicly traded company, I'm sure that's how to have come out by now, right? We never, they never wished Cesaro, they never told him to get better wishes. I know, but it still is. Well, in the next call, you're not paying someone. And the next call, they'll know. Also, fightful reported that Randy Orton could be, but no, if she is released, that's a big get for AEW because they're women wrestling has been so bad since they've had it. But she's almost too big for them. Who beats her? Right, no, no one. You don't. You don't have anyone Peter. Yeah. Fight for you. It was like one of those memes with who's a Canadian Drake, where he's like, and then he's like, you know what I mean? And he's like this. Right. Or it's like, Sasha Banks coming to AEW and Tony is like this, and then Sasha Banks get a ton of money. He's like this. And then Sasha Banks pinning what's under rosa and baker. Baker. And he's like, he's like, sorry, that's my superstar. Right. Yeah. The other thing is, what's her name going to be in AW? It's not going to be Sasha Banks. Mercedes Martinez or whatever. I'm sure it's a real Mercedes Martinez. What is that other wrestler? I'm sorry, what is her real name? Mercedes Vernon. Okay. Fernando's not a cool. Mercedes is cool. But Verna? That's her husband's name, but she also is her maiden name is like castner or something. That's not cool. She can go with Mercedes Justine. Sure. Or just Mercedes banks in that they get away with that. We're just Mercedes. Look at the one name thing. Sure. It's Mercedes. Also, Dave Meltzer says Roman Reigns is only scheduled to appear on raw one time for the entire summer. And that makes sense 'cause, you know, I don't watch raw. Yeah, true. She went by miss Mercedes in the minor or in the other leagues. So that might be that miss Mercedes. Yeah. Sure, sure, sure. Maybe. Or they just call her, no, they probably instead of legit boss the boss. I don't know. The boss. Who was the undisputed elite, right? Exactly. Do you have trivia? I do. All right. This is kind of crazy. I think I'm gonna beat Eric this week. I was gonna make it versus and do something different. Like make it about Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns because they fought 8 times. And they're four and four, right? Okay. But now they have to fight. Yeah. This is hard. Not counting the MSG show, which not a raw SmackDown or pay per view, right? It was just an MSG show. Because he beat theory there. When was his last singles victory? Lesnar? Brock Lesnar. I'll give you a hint. It's been a long time. Singles victory. Singles 51. One on one. He won the Royal Rumble right. Okay. He lost the reins at day one. He beat a bunch of people, he lost to reigns at not Survivor Series. He used lots of rains that Saudi mania. Brown jewel. I'll even tell you the last loss before that. Okay. WrestleMania to Drew McIntyre. He lost the title. Okay. So his match before that was his last win. He can remember. I can't even believe who he fought. Hold on. Oh. No..

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