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If lawmakers on Capitol Hill are unable to reach an agreement on the nation's debt limit. That's according to a report by the congressional budget office released earlier this hour. New York Times White House correspondent Jim tankersley joined us moments ago. What the CBO does is if analyzes just what the government can do to keep spending money even though it's reached that limit. And it sort of predicts like when those extraordinary measures will run out. And what it's that today was, sometime between July and September, that will run out and hey, they could be wrong and it could be even earlier than that. So big warning belts here. The congressional budget office projects the federal deficit will reach $1.4 trillion this year, and then it's expected to average an additional 2 trillion each year after 2032. WTO news time two 33, this just in. Senate Republicans are vowing to block implementation of D.C.'s new criminal code which includes lighter mandatory sentences for violent crimes. WTO's Mitchell Miller is on Capitol Hill. Tennessee GOP senator Bill haggerty says this is no time to lighten the possible penalties in D.C.. It will only serve to embolden criminals who are on a massive spree right here in Washington with carjackings, assaults, and homicides. Haggerty says he has 48 co sponsors of the bill to rescind the code approved by the D.C. council, while none of them are Democrats when the house earlier passed similar legislation, it received some bipartisan support. Haggerty hopes to get enough Democrats on board to pass his bill, which could take it to President Biden's desk. D.C. political leaders are fighting the effort, saying it's an unnecessary intervention in the district's affairs. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller WTO be news. The competition between Maryland and Virginia to lure the new FBI headquarters to their states is reaching a fever pitch. Leaders for the two states have been given an extra 90 days by the GSA to make their presentations. Our team coverage begins with WTO's Neil augustin as Virginia's governor led his state's delegation in presenting the case on white Springfield would be the best site. Amazon, Boeing, Raytheon Technologies. Governor Glenn youngkin ticking off businesses that decided to build their headquarters in Virginia, loud and supervisors, chair, Phyllis Randall, also chairs the Northern Virginia transportation authority, the Springfield facility would be near metro and VRE. We have also put in almost 90 miles of express lanes from I 95, four 95, three 95, 66. It is important that our workforce looks like the face of America. Senator Mark Warner says the FBI headquarters in Springfield would bring much needed financial opportunity. Neil law can stay in W TLP news. Now across the Potomac, prince George's county leaders gave their reasons for why the FBI headquarters should move to either greenbelt or landover. And the county executive is trying to poke holes in Virginia's pitch. It is time, really, that equity be considered in the way that the president intended. Prince George's county executive Angela also Brooks isn't buying fairfax county, Virginia's arguments that it meets the equity goals put forth by President Biden. It

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