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Pumped for this. Joining us now. Super Bowl champion football legend Rex Ryan. Hey, How are you, Rex? Not great Pac man. How do you do? I'm fantastic. I can't wait to chat with you. Let's dive right into it. I see you got a Texas Rangers jersey on you pump for the MLB to come back. Yeah, Absolutely. My boy. Lance Lynn takes the box opening day. The Rangers. You know, that's my guy. Man. Six foot six, too weighty should be played detected on the bumper of the Rangers. Last year 16 Wednesday had 250 strikeouts. Go get a big boy Rest league is going to pitch like three or four and he still go ate his first time out. How do you know this? Dude? You have you met this guy? Yeah, I played golf with him all the time. Really good buddies with his dad. You know, I met Lance several times. He's a great young man. And and you know, it's funny things last year. I mean, he literally, you know, he got in and all this spin B est up that they do now, but it worked, man. He he released the ball about a foot further and say it was One of the best pitchers in baseball. So he's 32 years old, kind of reinvented himself. And he's the ace of that staff right now. Look, Iraq, Sir, I think you're just some meathead dumb football guy. Listen to this. Hold up. Let me just show you some real quick, please. Dude, I missed my calling, You know. Give me the Yankees the bets, Rangers. Whoever I'm available. Nice ESPN gig, But come on, man. Thanks, Coach. I'm all about the bench goes. Yeah, I get it. I was bad football coach, But, man now I'd be kicking butt. Okay, Let's talk about what you just said there. I love the obviously self deprecating jokes there, but you are a great head coach. I think people forget about that because of how incredible your personality is. Sometimes charisma and personality can camouflage a lot of hard work and success. It happens with a lot of people. But whenever you're the head coach of the Jets I mean, at the coats. We were one of the greatest teams I've ever seen. I think the NFL has ever seen, and you guys gave us problems on numerous occasions and that never gets talked about now. About how Rex Ryan successful head goes. No, I don't know what happened with Buffalo. But you're in the Patriots Division, which we'll talk about soon. But you are a successful coach. Are you ever going to get back into that? Do you ever have the urge to get back in the head coaching? You know, Pat, I'm not sure like I was 500 With the bill. So I don't know if expectations were higher than that. Maybe they were because we had no draft picture. Anything else but a long list of excuses, excuses. Good job there. Hey, I'm not making any excuses. I'm not making any. I'm not making any excuses. I mean, we didn't have any draft. I appreciate it. You know, you never say never. I'd obviously I jumped at any opportunity. I go, you know, get a start up team in Alaska if they if they paid me enough, but quite honestly, I love doing what I'm doing. And you know, we have a heck of a time on Mondays. You don't do in that show and then Sunday Countdown show. You know what my whole crew with with with Sam and Hassle back your boy mad in Bruce, he and Randy Boss we got too many patriots there, but I love those guys. You grew up obviously in a legendary football family, right? I mean, your dad one of the greatest legends in the game's history. Your brother still coaching You knew that you're going to be a football coach your entire life. Yeah, I really did. Pat. I knew I wasn't worth hit as a player. I can't play. So I got his will coach but now I love the game. And it was something I grew up around it, man. I was My brother and I would be like, you know, they gave us all the jobs that nobody else wanted. Like we literally painted all the goalpost painted. The sleds did everything we're You know, we're in the equipment room forever, And this is back when you know it's probably illegal. You know, we're probably like 10 12 years old. They say it's like, you know, 50 cents an hour, Whatever. But either way, we grew up around it and I guess we're like, No, you know, that's the same as anybody else in the business. You grow up. You idolized your father and we basically joined the family business, which was coaching football and and I'm proud to say now I have a son. That's you know, coaching with the charges. He's in his fourth season with the Chargers. So really proud of that, and I say I can't do a whole hell of a lot in this world. But I think I was blessed with the ability to coach and obviously You know, under my dad's guides, and all that gave me a heck of a head start. Let's talk about your coaching style, because whenever you became the head coach of the Jets, I don't think everybody knew who you are. And you came in and it was OK. We got a guy now in the NFL coaching ranks that is hilarious Has charisma has confidence in his completely flipped the entire narrative that you have to complement the other team. You have to do this in one of your biggest targets was obviously the greatest dynasty in the history of the NFL. The Patriots if you had to go back To the way that you kind of came in as a head coach for the Jets. Would you do anything differently? And was there any rhyme or reason to? Why was that? Just you being you or it? Was there anything deeper than that in your mind? Probably a little deeper than that. I think when I went in there First half. I was waiting for the opportunity, and it's just like it took me all those years to be to become a coordinator. You know they they hired a receiver coach to be a coordinator instead of me. So I knew how great I was, but nobody else did. But I just waited for my chance. And I knew if I had a chance that I was, and I figured I'd only get one shot. You know that. Hey, I was going to go out and I was gonna be me and when I went to the Jets All I kept hearing was the same old yet same old jets and I made Thank Shirley loves my dad. You know, one of these Super Bowl. Thanks back there is my dad..

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