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You can't do this this year than he's working under limitations that i think are unfortunate because it makes it difficult for a guy to do his job he didn't come here with those sand the volunteer mirrors contraction in have those added to the payroll he can't he's doing his best with with all that sort of money tacked on top he did spend all that money on david price for that's all that's all above board here but i i dunno i look at this i look at this not so much is a indictment on on dave dombrowski because how can you really have an indictment on dave nebraska you look at the numbers of the guys he's acquired and there are other worldly by winds above replacement craig kimbrell is the best reliever in baseball and by winds above replacement chris sale is the best starter and all of baseball and he got you those guys which is why ted whole golden state warriors thing was pretty funny if he if you miss this before the came to browse you said oh yeah yeah he was making a joke copies outlets like the yankees are trying to be the golden state warriors now which is funny considering woodward a the brass you did these last two years adding david rising chris sale of the rotation thrown greg kimber back there in media in the bullpen but overall goodwin tonight for the red sox they're going to need it because it looks like the yenkey sav now yes it's over there beat the tigers seven to three and will remain a half game up on the red sox year going into tomorrow should be a good pitching match up tomorrow here with the red sox and the indians chris sale and carlos carrasco who is ten and four three five eight gyari on the season and that should be a good one there at fenway park tomorrow night nice ovation for tito francona.

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