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How much were you putting in play over six hundred thousand dollars per play seven plays a year? Four point two million dollars wants this roll down Wisconsin per year. Never get nervous. What did you do with all the losing tickets? You saved them. Big, you know, the big toe the classic totes millions eighteens fifteen million dollars worth of losing. And you have this just in case we had a physical federal audit. We had the upstairs of the barn. I store them in in the other end. And then I thought oh, no this floors come fall through. So then we start them down in a pole barn, and we had probably sixty sixty five tubs of tickets ever say we're supposed to be retired here fourteen. Drives to Massachusetts fun fun is fun doing it. Hi, Ed, Gabia satisfaction of being successful at something that was worthwhile to not only us personally, but to our friends and our family, but in two thousand eleven the Boston Globe gotta Tim in discovered that in certain Massachusetts locations, cash windfall. Tickets were being sold at an extraordinary volume. Smart people had figured out if I'm buy enough of these tickets, I'll always be a winner. I'll get back more than I spent got Allen overseas. The Globes investigative reporters known as the spotlight team. The papers. Reporting revealed, the two groups were dominating cash windfall. Sylvie gang from Everett Michigan in their competition. A syndicate led by math majors from MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of.

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