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Of calls I should reach gift gun lung and Launch Tonight missiles in twenty eight hours. Would you like to see some projected kill ratios? Sixteen nine percent of the housing destroyed. Seventy two million people dead. This. Game. Or is it real? What's the difference. That was one of the. It's a big moment for cyber. Policy. Historians because and cyber fiction. Ronald Reagan seeing that movie asked his team. Hey, could this happen in the answer turned out to be yes and it was the first big initiative on cyber son of that. But that was when they house. Yeah. Drove it. So fiction can make a difference. But that's a nice note ended because that's a kind kind of thing. That you're going to be talking about on the cyberspace podcast. I'm very excited about this. John. I think for a long time there's a lot of confusion and there are a lot of myths around. Cyber Threat and a lot of people think you know it seems to complicate it. It's something for the it people to care about and I don't really understand it and that's just not true. A lot of common sense. Things that ordinary people can learn about it and people who need to be able to protect their companies in their homes and their livelihood in their bank accounts. So I consider what you're about to do to be real great public service. So so thanks for doing I'm glad we're working together again really looking forward to the opportunity. Thanks. I. Hope my conversation. John Carlin has piqued your interest in the fascinating world of cyber as mentioned for the.

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