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Inforadio with the dolphins failed miserably in the nfl belgrade polio arm the he's he's a rare bird in that regard pete says in and he'd ever always talked about energy level and all that it's it's true he does seem away younger than his actual numerical age he says the twelve's better beal out on sunday because they're going to need it now we've been extremely successful at home and we need to find that with a new club this time round and get niners uh the energy at the stadium as we have had over the years in it in a we worked hand in hand with our founder and they've been a big part of everything that's going on we want a of games here in hand a new show i'm i'm just went o1 tip off that relationship again by you know a good performance from us and a good performance by the by the twelve how about finding a jacked up in and do this stuff that that makes this place fana are he's anand he understands people are disappointed in week want i i get it we think we've made a lot of progress and i think it's going to show apparently we will find out with you how we do our russell wilson took to the podium he said i need to do better at starts with me which i think is true they say anything about getting sued for his red ball company i he did not done because um i think he stands on what he said before there's one ball and game that's what it is we only have one chance on this earth to to really have sustainability no true hey all from our valls called gardner he won thank all of you for raising over a million dollars a billion nine thousand five hundred twenty three dollars and 44 so uh to help the recovery effort after all the hurricanes it was called off hope for houston and you just want to set a note out of every one of volvo and pacific with your car radio to thank you for beauty part of something bigger than yourselves so they for other for your hope for use as a lot of money right there he's got some that's going to go to help a lot of people a lot of folks so hey we want you to.

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