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Snow this we had our winter Wonderland a couple days ago the people from lose city FC soccer club were here the other day dropped off some sweat and some of the new stuff Ian and I each got some pieces well now that stuff is more valuable than ever I love my my new Lou city FC shirt because it's got the new logo they did all the explaining about what what the stars represent the Florida Lee through your GE the dividing line they claim was the Ohio River and then apparently enough people who are fans of the of the club we're just so upset that they went down and banged on the windows and this you know it was like it's a wonderful life you know it was a run on the bank they're all in there banging on the windows I again it will lose change and people send in the euro and so now what they're saying is we didn't we made a mistake we didn't consult with our fan base that is some power right there in a lot of people giving them accolades on Twitter for St for saying that's what we want we just want to be involved so it's like a it's like the community owns the team and they have that they've heard your concerns and are listening we are listening at lose city FC I am protecting my search now now it's gonna be one of those things I was going to pack away somewhere and then leaving notes fellow of the kids say Hey is going to be a rarity at some point down the line I'm just letting you know as give me love Vance warning rare rare rare situation what did the lose city FC people do when they were banging on the windows to the stand firm and say you know what we've gone with our marketing experts and it's time for us to as all of sports franchise dues to is ultimately evolve and sort of make changes to things except for the case Alabama football I mean there's a few of them they never change anything they just can't they sort of did the same thing I earned the bears the same way to the bears and the Packers they're still kind of in the old school look yeah I mean they've added in some alternate jerseys and different looks for years but also temporary yeah the the the vast majority of the jerseys have remained the same right New York Giants I think you're still kind of old school and what they do but it's the it's it's a rarity when I stick to that the Yankees I think they're still the number one a leader get a change this year though they are what are they doing all the major league jerseys getting the Nike swoosh on him now but but they'll still have that same pinstripe look yeah the local be the same just have an extra logo on directly right so what they do is loosen the esee just like Chris Berman used to say releasing that new products and excited about it we're saying I like I like.

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