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A lot on American Pie. Children's book is also in the world. Children's book about a plane crash that killed three rock stars. Okay, that's what we need. So he's he says. I'm going to get behind the song. I'm sure that it'll reveal a whole lot about just how it was created. Well, going on in my life to your answer. The devil is Mick Jagger, just saying Rolling state I didn't know that. Oh, yeah, sure, but it's you know, it is a great and yes, he did. You didn't beat his wife did But we could get to the bottom of that. So these are the things that I think are important in the news today, Alright? Uh, traffic. There is a crash North found 10th south 10th west in Clearfield. Traffic appears to be blocked in most direction. So avoid that area if you can. We've also got crashed south on red. We're road a wedgewood won't 134th south in Riverton. Two left lanes are closed there. Crash s R 1 12 Mile east of Grantsville into Wila. Let me check our message. Dream where you send us tens should consent him about cows or traffic or whatever you like. 33986 See Boners round one coming up, right? Let me look and see. Oh, there they are..

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