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I didn't like that i really a i can love woody allen movies and now i was ready to embrace this but it just i now too long long a by the way i was looking at the weekend box office and i just want to mention that cocoa we we all gave a lotta love to is the number one movie again and is way over a hundred million dollar how does it stand for justice leak is on justice league is in second place and wonder has now made eighty eight milliondollar julia roberts he'll i have got to watch staff at night when i go he had has a prominent roddy on this to them and for that and really tells a good story out land now we have to get man who had any christmas up there that's my new kozel i know i have to see that lady burden three billboards are end the top ten now and lady bird has done about eighteen million dollars worth can i can't be honest yeah three billboard is getting worse is more as time goes on with me i am liking it less really more in the more time gets in between me and that move i find myself hesitate just happened to you i as enters by your government yeah he will say what are what would what should i see and i say lady i'd never say three billboards because it's so harsh its harsh and i also in the more time that goes by in the more that i've thought about it and let it settle i think it's bogus i just think it's bogus i i'm you know i if it's one of those things or if i could go back i would probably not be as generous if i were riding my reviewed it it's a great performance by france's mattel chairman it is a wonderful performance i thought i do i haven't seen her i've seen her in similar roles in better movies ie the she played a wonderful angry woman in a friends with money the nicole hollis center movie with jennifer aniston over year oh my god she's and then olive kitrey regina which was notorious here still so she's played that kind of you know scrappy vinegary pepper epo.

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