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So ads were co-regulate. Our children azran relationship. But then there's also you know your world of of of your love relationship being so absolutely huge in critical into the in regardless of what that formation is whether it's current or pastor co-parenting wet whatever it is Again like it's it excites me. We i think we both shared the we both did some of the wilderness guiding work and i remember being a young man and being out there and like feeling the intensity of all of these humans realities in having to somehow through them and we've them together and create space for everybody and i remember at the time being like man. This gotta be training for having a family and the nice. I don't think it was in some sense but now as it that like it's it's the scale on the intensity is so much more that yes. I think it was a good training but just imagined like after this call. I'm gonna drive home. And i'm gonna who knows what's going to happen but for sure the kids are gonna wanna play My wife is certainly gonna wanna talk and you know who knows maybe duke. Maybe duke didn't nap and so he's going to be really tender. Probably needs this from me and june. Might be a little edgy. And so it's what what a wild. What a wild riady right. Let's exactly everything to practice. It's all there's never not a moment of practice to to kind of final questions. Rapid fire style for me refer. You is moms. That don't have a present dowd. Dad's kind of offline and he's not doing the work and stuff if they're listening. What would you say to them as a way to get. I don't know like 'cause they're like okay. My mom does. My child need male figures in his life. like what. what could she be thinking about. This might be a cheap answer. But i would recommend a a safe approach to outsourcing that maybe starts with the mom herself having healthy relationships with. I don't know brothers friend's cousin's mentors co-workers right and some. I don't think a good place to start doesn't even necessarily need to be a big formal long relationship. But just exposure ri- just just exposure to healthy interactions with men. And it doesn't even have to be between that manager child necessarily but between your your child being exposed to your interactions. That sounds people is a good starting super helpful and then final question Is how important is your relationship with your wife to be in the kind of dad you can say all the wish crude like as credit at this at least it seems this as well..

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