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The collision which ended up rolling van over on its side killed a sixty year old man all eight other people inside of that van dan we're also hospitalized to according to michigan state police in critical condition the driver of the truck was also hospitalized with what are said to be nonlifethreatening injuries the accident which led to a four hour closure of telegraph road in both directions remains under investigation john hewitt w w j newsradio nine fifty police confirming the second fatality was a sixty six year old woman in the van who was one of those taken to the hospital in critical condition sparks from welding equipment being blamed for a fire that destroyed the historic ss saint clair bob lo island boat yesterday morning investigators say they have not ruled out arson but at this point they believe the incident was accidental the boat was in the process of being restored when the fire recurred its owner says the craft can still be saved but it's of steel structure but there will i need to be a full inspection bob lo island amusement park was opened in eighteen ninety eight a close twenty five years ago in nineteen ninety ninetythree sinclair was used to take passengers on the eighteen mile ride to the island bribery charges for the former troy city manager newsradio nine fifty s learn barth old with details ryan kish nick was fired in march over allegations of domestic violence now the city is hiring a forensic auditor to review all finances as he's charged for allegedly accepting more than twenty thousand dollars from a contractor in exchange for receiving work worth five thousand dollars or more with the city if convicted neck faces ten years in prison and fines up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars lauren both old.

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