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Los Angeles county residents in particular are at risk of losing a congressional seat on twenty twenty cents a status tabulated that's according to a cal state Long Beach political science professor professor Justin Levitt said there is a good likelihood the seat will be lost the county has eighteen congressional districts with the twenty seventh and thirty third at risk those districts are currently represented by Judy Chu the San Gabriel Valley and Ted lieu in the South Bay he points out that with California's growth slowing down due to people leaving to go elsewhere Texas may just pick up one of our seats many Californians above there some see he what they think are better tax laws if you haven't gotten your real ID well you're pretty much in lock president trump says he's extending the real ID application deadline which was it originally set for October first they are president said he does not want people to go to their local DMV and being asked to practice social distancing he did not say when the new deadline will be but said it will be announced soon their government orders in several states requiring nonessential workers to stay home to avoid spreading the coronavirus researchers say those restrictions had certain minority groups especially hard a disproportionately high share of black and Hispanic workers cannot telecommunication that's according to a report by the economic policy institute based on federal labor data from twenty seventeen to eighteen thirty percent of white workers surveyed said they could work from home compared to nineteen point seven percent of black workers and sixteen point two percent of Latino workers the institute says black and Hispanic workers are more likely to work in lower paid consumer facing service jobs that limit their ability to work remotely Asian workers were most likely to be able to do their jobs remotely mac Piper CBS news press two months there will be no jury trials in California Superior Court the state's Chief Justice issued a new order today to suspend all criminal and civil trials for sixty days so that's too and for social distancing in courtrooms across the state LA county also restrict the access to all LA county courthouses only judges commissioners court staff and authorized personnel can be in LA county courtrooms that's until further notice the court house insult more closed shut down staff members there under quarantine after an attorney there tested positive for the coronavirus via Turney with cove in nineteen is a public defender who caught the virus after caring for relatives who also tested positive now judges bailiffs court room staff another attorneys are under quarantine for fourteen days the cellmark courthouse only handles juvenile cases they will re open on Thursday a spokesperson for the LA Superior Courts told KNX in an email that the only other Los Angeles court houses that are closed are in Beverly hills in Catalina she wrote the court houses are not contaminated with covert nineteen but rather close because of the measures the presiding judge is taking to address virus issues Emily Valdez can extend seventy newsradio a therapist from Westwood has created a unique way to stay connected during this time of social distancing isolation it's called intergenerational phone pals it's kind of like pen pals but it's over the phone I thought like how amazing would it be if people that are like feeling lonesome and isolated could be connected with others who could just support them and be there for them Daniel her which is a therapist and mother of three she tells can execute its can benefit having a conversation with members of the older generation and vice versa we know that the research shows that both older people and younger people benefit from being connected and learning from one another plus the conversations can bring joy to those feeling down in the stories can spark imagination with kids who are not in school right now anyone can sign up with intergenerational phone pals using the link at Danielle **** which dot com after a plane people get paired up and take it from there heather Jordan can extend seventy newsradio big drugstore chain that employs not laying them off right now CBS news correspondent chrysalis CVS plans to create fifty thousand new jobs nationwide to meet demands caused by coronavirus the jobs will include store associate said home delivery drivers the Rhode Island based a chain also says it will give bonuses up to five hundred dollars to employees who have to work in its stores others who are not laying off but are hiring Walmart Ralph's Costco Amazon domino's pizza and Pepsi right now we're looking at the traffic and weather together coming up in may have three minutes from now hello tells a south LA the one oh five at the Wilmington got some props will check it out for you at two forty five when you need.

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