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Zuma discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


And what happened in this case was that the you know zuma was fantastic corrupt and in that in many ways and his cronies these you know the good says who were not interested in right to go to south africa they were interested in profit and you know this this argument has been deployed on behalf of people who are unworthy of it and i think it much as making those arguments you know i'm not political reporter i just you know to me narrative is incredibly interesting and you know when sudden narratives getting trash and why they're doing so you know this this phrase whiteman y monopoly capsule was used by zuma and the coaches to smith people who are trying to do good and interesting things you know so they would say a politician rather they who is considered an enemy of them while he's in the pocket of white monopoly capital right you know which is yeah it's a racial slide they weren't diagnosis of right but but but yeah but of course somebody could come and say obviously the next phase of south africa's development means that you know the you know the capital monopolies needs to be broken up and there needs to be redistribution of course there is a racial component to that is totally different than the senate like you say the cynical just sort of weaponising and also using it to smear anybody who said anything about what they did and that was that kind of ironic you know weaponization of distorted identity politics if you took us back to london for a second you set we kind of glossed over the other part of this is just this ridiculous drama in very very entertaining drama of these of these kind of you know a british i guess madman whatever we're gonna call them the firm gets into trouble through this account and then it becomes basically this whole you know just boardroom warfare what's happening back at bell pottinger so so what happened was there was a non running feud well before this account came to the phone between the two people at the top of boston jet tim bells load bell bell great here this famous and fantastically colorful figure in public relations and much young man who had a greater stake in the business james henderson and henderson once it fell out of the company because he told he was a threat to the company and they clashed just in simple pus now few times for the moment i started working together wanna go and eventually had to some one but many basle in the summer of two thousand sixteen and according to the very very many people who spokesman for the peace and documents say and i gather evidence l made it his business to destroy what was left of passenger at a used that the tells of this south african account which he himself at helps a win and run as the explosion that he needed to you know put onto the rest of the company that still boy his name i mean the final scene or the peninsula saying if the story he sits time with a full partner and very explicitly says i'm taking my revenge you know it's it's one of the most unusual dramatic it's not particularly saw stories it's no particular sounds but it's incredibly fats schilling right i mean full of hatred so that so that's the other part of the story i'm you know what's interesting for me as somebody rise lung ride these deng pieces for the new care and it's it's so interesting to see when these feuds starts impact beyond the walls of the company you know this this few between these two rich white businessman you know had an effect on an entire nation and ten thousand miles away i i'm kind of unforgivable this spilled over in that way and what and now there's another firm that sort of a risen out of this as well right yeah i mean there's that and then there's also that some of this potentially spilled over into cambridge analytica could you touch on those two things as well sure yeah the area of singer that the did a lot of this chip that's what was called belle pulsing political and foam foam pot for very many years some tumble who was in one of the people who is caught on camera recently bracket by cambridge i know 'cause what on foreign elections and he had worked in iraq and south africa for about bolsinger before he went to cambridge sokaia and it's just interesting it is noteworthy to see how the.

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