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Podcast everything happens. Yes Gretchen and I talked to Kate. Episode to seventy three of happier and she had an idea for coping with uncertainty during this time of a global pandemic that really resonated with me. She said that she evaluates the situation every two weeks. So that's the hack evaluate the situation every two weeks and act accordingly and don't worry in between so if you're wondering am I going to go to the grocery store or only get my groceries delivered. Am I going to have socially distance play dates or not all those questions that were all dealing with? Kate thinks about every two weeks looks at all. The information makes choice. And then just doesn't worry about it for two weeks and I love this idea because I find myself. Just like torturing myself over these questions and it's raining right like when. Are you going to go to a restaurant? Yeah exactly and if you don't have to think about it for two weeks you can just release it. Yes and then in two weeks you see. Okay where are we? What are the doctor saying? What are the statistics? And you make choice based on where you are then so that is the hack to worry about where you are every two weeks make decisions accordingly and don't worry about it in between love it and that is it for this episode of Happier in Hollywood for questions or comments. Email US or send US voice memo to happier in Hollywood at G. Mail DOT COM. Thanks.

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