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One thousand four ways insanity. Yeah that's where it all began Just split it probably told you guys reinvesting that into the pocket short parents they didn't they like print like The pair. I still have the still like hockey pants from americans right right of miracle schwartz. Yeah so now yeah black rifle today brings you. John told me before we started the show. He told me about this show on. Hbo max that. I didn't even know existed. It's a batman cartoon since a harley. It's hard harley right right right. So i had no idea that existed. I would existed for the the incident that is. We're gonna describe happened in season three so they must be passed that by now Season i saw the ones. I saw screenshot other. I would recognize the car. And maybe it's just because it's like you know all cartoons are obviously different like yeah. I recognize like the enemy. Well yeah batman. Is the one show that i think the cartoons adult cartoons for batman. You know there's the one that's what's the one call nick like the one episode. It's called the robberies talks about about fox is the killing jobs. Killing one was mark. Hamill does all the voices right. That's like regarded as as good as the movie. That's all they swear and stuff right. Yes killing his sandwich harley swears killings. Killing episode is like. I think regarding the darkest episode of comic like the dick rape or something really harsh. Yeah the comic itself. It's like sure it's the joker. Rapes commissioner gordon's daughter. Right us yeah. So it's regarded as just as good as all these. You know the the movies i think. That movie didn't get as much as good of a reception. But they've done three with like that entire. Cast that writer. Big have been like critically renowned right the multinational. But so i i'm not. I'm not surprised to hear that. There's this show. I just couldn't i just didn't know about it but now i know about it. Because there's some controversy and this is the best way to get out there and get some headlines Of we desire. There's some controversy regarding batman and cat woman cat woman. Such a little minx. She's so fucking hot. she always whether it's the cell. Michelle pfeiffer halle berry. Whoever it is now who's now. Who's the new one going to be in this movie. Who is up. No zoe kravitz. She's always fucking rocket ship But this one is a harley. Quinn is also unique among the car crop of comic content. That's the main character..

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