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We'll take a look at your weekends, traffic and weather together coming up in just minutes. Good afternoon. I'm Jeff Brown. Thank you for taking us home with you today. A state of emergency has been declared by governor Charlie Baker in Lawrence Andover. And north end I end over following yesterday's gas explosions and fires meantime, Columbia gas president Steve Bryant is not commenting on a cause. Instead, he says he'll leave that up to the National Transportation Safety board. Florence has now been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm. However, it is deadly and dangerous. There are now five confirmed deaths from that storm firefighters in York. Maine new that the first responders in the Merrimack valley yesterday needed to be fed. So a bunch of them jumped into their mobile support unit and then. Headed to Lawrence fire. Chief Chris Ballantyne tells WBZ the unit is equipped with a kitchen we knew that a lot of guys and gals that were working on the incident had missed out on their evening meal because everything happened just prior to that and we set up at at the ball there, and we probably fed anywhere from three hundred to five hundred police and fire and ambulance people. There are people who are equipped to do this and think of these things, and of course, when they ran out of food the nearby market basket came to the rescue helped bail them out. A suspended state trooper pleads guilty in Boston federal court in the ongoing investigation into overtime abuse Kevin Sweeney assigned to the now disbanded troop e of the NASA -chusetts state police. Prosecutors say he admitted to receiving fifty nine hundred dollars for OT shifts that he either did not work at all or from which he left early Sweeney is the sixth state trooper to be charged in the overtime scandal. He'll be sentenced in December a man accused of beating his girlfriend to death. Nearly four years ago is now been deemed competent enough to stand trial. Prosecutors tell a judge that doctors at Bridgewater state hospital found John Devine competent to face first degree murder charges in the death of former Boston ballet dancer yet. Nichols divine was committed for six months last year after a psychologist determined he was not fit for trial. His lawyer says he should remain hospitalized. WBZ news time five twenty one September has been declared blood cancer month. By the leukemia and lymphoma society, and it reports that progress is being made in fighting those diseases they societies doctor Gwen Nichols says they're seeing a lot of promise in something. That's called cartesian therapy is genetic engineering a therapy where you use your own immune system. The patient's own immune system to help fight their tumor cells. Nichols says some blood cancers are being cured now. And hopefully more will be soon. You can learn more about blood cancers at L L, S dot org. Spacex shooting for the moon when and with whom that's going to be revealed on Monday. But we are told the mission will not be the same as foundry lawn Moscow outlined last year. There's word that they will still fly around the moon, but they'll use a bigger rocket. That is still in development and that one person is going to make the trip instead of several at mean the flights. That means the flights rather could be a few years away. By the way, have not been to the moon since nineteen seventy-two.

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