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In the hospital in El Centro California are battling the virus tenser being brought in to handle even more cases. Correspondent Sara Sidner tells us how it's spreading through the hardest head county in Los Angeles County, which is the most populous county not only of the state But of America as a whole, with more than 10 million people, the mayor says, is partly due to younger people. People between the ages of 18 and 40 are those who are really helping to spread this virus because now they're looking at the rate they're doing positive. More than 50% of the people who are testing positive for this virus are in that group. She's reporting that they are out of ICU beds in YOLO County. San Francisco Mayor London Breed and supervisor Sherman Walton have tested negative for covert 19 after attending an event with a person who was aware that they had tested positive nonetheless from that end of the event anyway, despite her negative test breed, says she will continue to take precautions, which includes taking a second test next week. As California heads into the peak of the fire season. Jim Roop reports, officials are warning of a more difficult fight ahead of us. Thanks to the pandemic, Officials urge all residents within or near a wildfire to where they're mad. Asks in an effort to keep the firefighters safe and themselves. Also, evacuations will be more difficult. Officials were trying to figure out how in traditional evacuation shelter situations to ensure physical distancing. Evacuees will have their temperatures check. I'll have to wear masks and meals will no longer be buffet style from volunteers. More like memories, meals ready to eat similar to the military. All this is all the more reason, say officials to be extra vigilant to prevent fires. Jim Roop, Los Angeles and Let's update your driver on the Bay Area, beginning on 80 again sponsored by Rocket Mortgage by Quicken loans. Here's Mark Nieto from the Chilton Auto body Traffic desk a lot going on here on this Friday if you were making the drive Trying to use the Nimitz South bound. It's bumper to bumper with the big crash at Broadway in Oakland, right. Two lanes of blocked backed up to the Maze North bound 80 north of High Street, erect there now in the shoulder. But it is slow from 98th Avenue and South bound, 6 80 north of Highway foreign Martinez on injury crashing the three left lanes with traffic backed up nearly onto the Venetia Bridge. North found 2 80 in the South Bay before Lawrence, a car fire and the crash Now center divide. It's backed up. The highway 17. And if you're on South bound one on one of the South Bay just north of 80 watch outfor a stalled bus in the right lane. We're backed up to the foot of the maze at the westbound Bay Bridge. When.

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