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Ninety row k LBJ. She must have pointed it out, because I'm not sure anyone would have noticed, otherwise but United States women's soccer team captain ED's favorite player. What position that she played? She's a belief. She's a of gosh. Jeff. I saw on the pitch yesterday. You know, you and she's got purplish blond hair. I know that she's a striker no forward now goalie. So she's a midfielder. But now the elder yes. Nagen Ripon wrapping on. What's your out of pronounce? She's thirty three years old. She's the captain of the US, women's soccer team who beat Highland thirteen zero and justifiably been criticized for their celebrations in the process. But that's not the other story. Would anybody ever if you didn't call attention to it with anybody have a problem if an athlete wasn't singing the national anthem? Now, I don't think so, because some people just don't saying. Yeah. People, some people just don't think so she made it news on purpose not to mention that she called Donald Trump a misogynistic racist. All while in their there. Gregg Popovich on. And so now the question is, does the she she get the thumbs? She meet the Twitter. We might as well. She's not going to be a big enough deal for him. Although it's about that whole stories about the grow. It's about the takeover the soccer he would go against of football players Riley. Call them lugers column. Overpriced bomb yet out of Datta, I'm not sure she's going to go after woman. I don't believe he's going to have to go after national team just yet. You don't think so not yet. No, I don't she wanted. I mean she she went all end to rip him. So she's not afraid of him. He she's safe. Look, it's not like Trump's going to carry the suburban mom vote. And that cares about this stuff. It's moms, and their daughters and a few soccer nerds. It's not going to be rural America's not that into. No, the rust belt is not women's soccer. Right. Right. So I mean if he wants to go after. It's probably pretty safe territory. I'm going to predict if she plays it up, which he did leading into the tournament calling him every name, you can think of. That she did. And I don't think they I don't think they'll show up at the White House. I don't think any way they at the white, I think some teams a lot of the players go. They're going to have zero. I think but the downside for or you can tell the upside, I depends on what you think athletes should be doing if you think athletes should be taking on causes, then you're fine with this, but she's going to walk them into this taking over the whole story, it will not be about soccer. It'll be about her. It'd be about her, and their cause joins her on this. Yeah. That would be the risk. If you're a big soccer fan or women's soccer fan, or whatever you're about to walk into the Hornets nest if it gets legs, another few days. I don't know that it will chances are at probably will because America extra doesn't like soccer all that much. But they like winners in this is going to be a winning. But that's true for a long, long time America's dominated women's soccer. Always. But this is now this is the hot button stuff that people really like to talk about. Yeah. And the one that talking about this more than the US beating Sweden two zero or something like that. Did she? Yeah. Did. She neil. What do I mean, she's going to be interviewed all the time and around the world? So the real tipping point of this is the she want an encourage this to take over the entire storyline. I'm sorry to fend somebody, but the market for watching them for pure soccer is not very big the market for arguing about calling Trump jackass is a giant market. Well. And that will take the world stage here. We go half the country will be saying, right on whatever your name is ready to go. Another half is going to be going. What are you doing? Why are you? Why are you jacking politics in the sport? Got out at all. I would say, why why just go play go play a good time. When I know you've got a big platform, she's going to say this is my platform. This is my last time this is my this is she said, this is my life, I can't be okay with him. Although I'm not quite sure she's that. I mean to be honest, I she's gay, I guess she's gay. That's the issue here. I don't is necessarily your enemy on Trump is not an. I think it's slightly unfair. I mean, I know you're going to say they have policies you don't agree with my gosh. Don't ever come to the state of Texas, the president has many gay and lesbian friend. I very tolerant, I think he's a degree sort of unfairly played as the face of this story. And I'm not quite sure that's true at all. I'm pretty certain. He doesn't really care never has. This told the care probably for political reasons, but probably deep down doesn't really give a flip one way or another. I'm not quite sure, I think it's he's your fight. But she's I'll bet you. There are people within that organization, US women's soccer and women's soccer general thinking, Ono. It's not going to be about the soccer is it? It's gonna be about this. Right. And that's what's going to happen. And that's where I think people are gonna say, right on, you have an obligation to do that or man. I'm just a mom, and I just want my kid to have ponytails and like soccer. Why do you put Jack this have to happen? So in the world and the media around the world, which doesn't, which cares far less than even Americans care about women's soccer is now going to care. Now repeat what you just said. The world's media is media around the world. That doesn't care about women sock. They don't they don't told you men soccer is the street man's game. It is not suburban rich kids game as it is here, girls rich kids game. It's not in the media doesn't view. It it, they didn't care until the US made it semi popular. And I'm not dissing their talent dissing girl soccer. I'm just saying the rest of the world. They never really care. Now. They started to care because of Americans players, Mia Hamm and others. But yeah, but media's now going to care and the story is going to be her and Trump. You watch. Because it's a very chauvinistic view of the game. I probably like men's, the view is probably like men's women's basketball, this country in the sixties, or seventies, that's the view of women's soccer in the rest of the world women's basketball here in two thousand nineteen. I know that I'm saying, but very better because people don't watch it. People people don't write the go back in time in this country when it was frowned upon probably in the seventies well before title nine did not have women didn't have women's women. Didn't have the opportunity do sports in high school, and Colin they don't have any parts of the rest of the world back in twenty one second Melinda brand is here with on time traffic. Hello, male. How you doing? Doing good. We are dealing with a lot, a lot of congestion out there on all the freeways already, and then over on mole package, you're making your way southbound on at the lake. There is a broken down. You hall not blocking anything but he is there, adding congestion, south three sixty south on mo- pack. We have reports of a rack, there's a collision on west to ninety westbound fitzhugh road causing delays, and then also reported collision loop at fourteenth street. I'm Ellen Brandt with us on arms. No page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, I got the brush off again. I don't get it. Is there something wrong with the way, I wave elbow, wrist, elbow, wrist? Why won't that little Basset hound acknowledge me? I'm friendly..

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