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Me I didn't have that they've seen more I was so happy happiest day. call now for eight oh four four eight fifty four forty that's for eight oh four four eight fifty four forty call for eight oh four four eight fifty four forty do you like going to the movies eating pizza cheering for your favorite sports team what if you could do all that and change a child's life two big brothers big sisters of central Arizona is looking for people like you to be mentors no special skills needed it only takes four hours a month to change your child's life and yours for the better and for ever visit B. B. B. AZ dot org that's B. B. B. AZ dot org to start your journey today. there's a threat targeting American Lyme disease spread by tiny text this dangerous disease can cause life changing health problems and is now more widespread than west Nile tuberculosis in HIV aids combined so it's time for us to target Lyme disease that means checking for ticks when you've been outside and seeing a doctor if you experience the warning signs which can include joint pain and flu like symptoms learn how you can target Lyme disease at target mine dot org. Arizona is news station is Katie. yeah. red eye radio Gerry McNamara and regularly talk about everything from politics to social issues and news of the day whether your ability for just starting your day welcome to the show from ball pilot flying J. studios this is red eye radio all across America. and all around the world eight six six ninety right on. we say all around the world because we stream of red eye radio show dot com. and get our app and you can listen twenty four seven. there's.

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