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You. Let's finish up. Now. With more of your Espy anything questions survey. Sion's John AGA wrote I wanted to share with you an interesting twist of a book, I have noticed publicity for this book one that he recommended the title is when books went to war the stories that helped us win World War Two by Molly Cup till manning published four years ago by Houghton Mifflin, Harcourt. John wrote that the book is quote a history about how a US government reading program can contributed to winning World War Two. This does look like an intriguing book. The reading program was called armed services additions, which distributed one hundred twenty million small lightweight paperbacks for troops to carry in their pockets and rucksacks every theater of war. I didn't realize that the program has inspired by campaign by librarians earlier who were outraged by an enemy that had banned and burned hundred million books. They gather twenty million hardcover book. Donations that were sent free to American troops. And then that led to the program by the army department Entertainment Weekly wrote of when books went to war, whether or not you're a book lever, you'll be moved John. Also, recommended a podcast that I have listened to before I enjoy quite a bit. It's titled a teacher's history of the United States. I'll have linked to the episode that John referred to its title. Gobble, gobble. What's the deal with thanksgiving? This is a myth busting review of the history of thanksgiving. And it contains for me the shocking revelation that the first thanksgiving probably took place in Virginia, not Massachusetts who knew. Among the AMA emails. I received was a surprising one from Mark Roberts of Dallas. Who after considerable hesitation that resistance to Alexa, has gone all in with the home assistant on cyber Monday. He ordered to echo dots on sale for twenty dollars each a smart plug and the fire stick that works with Alexa. He writes, I'm wondering how many others are getting new Alexa devices today or for Christmas Marxist that? I do a show about setting up a echo devices for newbies. I think. It's a great idea. I have been on the Alexa bandwagon right from the start. But I will admit it's tough to stay up to date with all the new capabilities, and you know, it's it's still serve a sidelight to kindle in reading. But it is all things Amazon as an example, I read that Alexa, will be able to hear whispered command and reply with a whisper I thought this was going to be up and running by October. But I just tried it on an echo here at the cottage. And it just didn't seem to work. If you've been whispering to your Alexa. Night in order to let your partner sleep. Please. Let me know how you did it if it sounds cool because you you whisper, and then she whispers back to you. So how do they do that? That's as ING the the key tool for setting up echo devices that I found is the Alexa app on your smartphone. You can also configure devices from your computer at Alexa, dot Amazon dot com. But it seems easier to just use the app on my iphone. I have twenty three devices listed under settings my Alexa app. That includes for TV devices echoes tap, some in Cambridge some in Denver and several fire HD, tablets. It's a little dizzying. But I can go into any one of them and change things like the location. So that it's got the right place to talk to the weather about and there's other settings. There's one that enables you to ask follow up questions. So if you ask Alexa. What's the weather? She'll say what it is. And then as is the blue ring still going around, you can adequate. One without seeing her name, like, what's the weather and older beach. If you wanna fo if you have questions about setting up Alexa devices or using them, maybe you could Email them to me at pod chronicles, Djamil dot com. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of new Alexa, home. So the end of this year. So sometime January might be a good time for deep dive into the topic. Mark Jarvis Email from London with a good question. Why on my kindle, oasis new generation is not possible to benefit from immersive reading could this be remedied by future software update, Mark. I think the answer volts how quickly the e ink screen can refresh itself immersive reading, I think is a great feature of reading kindle book on a tablet or smartphone. The words in the book are highlighted as they are read by the professional narrator audible since the paperweight ino- Acis now have tooth audio capabilities. So you can hook up to speakers or headphones. It would be a natural improvement to give them access. To the immersive reading as long as the Ian could keep up with it market. A second question could audible be switched to a rental model. I have nearly seven hundred titles in my library. Most of which I am unlikely to listen to again that that seems like a good idea to me as well, maybe something like can limited. But for audible books that you could have five at a time on loan, and then move the new books in as you finish the old ones. Good idea. Guven Wien wrote from Grand Rapids. Michigan Highland not urgent or uppermost in TK, see followers, perhaps. But if you have room question, how does e book reading and publishing compare North America compared to other parts of the world. You know of this question is about both the experiential, cultural and the economic market perspective. No doubt your Amazon or forest or contacts have quantitative comparisons. But for the user experience probably your own up surveys. In anecdotes will be most useful. I am guessing Guven I confess I have little personal experience on this topic. I have used kindle in some of our travels to the Galapagos and Africa. But it's not really the same as experiencing how e books are being experienced different languages and cultures. I'm going to be on the lookout for a guest from Amazon or somewhere else who might be able to help us dig into that. That's a good suggestion. Mark Batson emailed from Colorado. Hello, Len happy thanksgiving. Hope I was willing your family, especially your mother's in good health. Just a note to let you know, we stopped by the Amazon four-star store at the park metals molest week I like the experience because it had such a broad cross section of items. We bought a few items and checkout was easy stepped up to the counter with a tablet facing the iside into my Amazon account and checked out. I'm sorry. I didn't check to see what the tablet was. We bought a set of whisks coasters, Harry Potter themed, key ring, and electric toothbrush. All gifts I signed into my Amazon account just now to review these items and under previous orders, you can select a filter system. Order type called Amazon stores Amazon just keeps getting better at removing barriers to separating me from my money. Happy thanksgiving and merry Christmas. Mex- best and Castle Rock, Colorado. That's just south of Denver. Thanks for that report. From the four star store max design mention last week. I made me own visit to the park metal store when we were brief reef in Denver last week. I liked your click list list of items that

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