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Um you know whether it's george papadopoulos bragging to an australian diplomat in london about the russians have dirt on hillary clinton to don jr meeting in trump tower about it i mean this a whole separate story that this indictment just isn't about this is about sort of the bigger picture in this disinformation campaign so i totally agree with david this is on while this might seem like small scale or just one side of it you know that they're the 2016 election is a is a much bigger story in a one thing of curious about is how much of an effect in all social media uh and fake news have on the way that people vote in the end uh minutes unknowable in the sense that you never can tell you never know for sure what is on people's minds when they go into a voting booth uh but i'm curious david saba if you have any thoughts about how important you know a social media based information campaign would be in affecting the outcome of an election the way people vote was he said tom it really is unknowable but it almost doesn't matter from the russians perspective their main objective is to raise doubts in americans mind about the confidence that they can have an election results so if they've been able to reach millions of americans through online media ads whether or not those ads ultimately changed someone's vote it doesn't matter because here we all are having this conversation about whether we can trust the results of an election or whether will be able to trust the results of the midterm elections in 2018 or the presidential elections and 2020 because these types of imf was campaigns are going to continue and probably broadened scope so it almost doesn't matter whether or not they changed the minds because we we don't know were here trying to wrestle with this question in that psychologically that's already a victory for the russians well one thing we should point out is that according to.

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