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Will be played on July 24th including the first game of the Rangers knew global I field against the Rockies over the 60 game regular season teams are going to play, therefore divisional opponents 10 times each. The other 20 games are going to be against interleague opponents in the same geographical area gets called upon. Once we thought we'd be talking a lot this morning about Major League baseball, unveiling their schedule in some of the great Games, including the Nats, the Yankees going out on opening day, with Garrett Cole being unleashed. As the member of the New York Yankees. But instead we're continuing to talk about the process that led us to baseball of being the last of these big sports to try and figure out a way to come back amidst a pandemic, and it continues to be a problem. The Nationals had to shut down their plan summer practice today because of a spate of tests. They're still waiting on results from they haven't gotten them back. They took test a couple of days ago. They still haven't gotten the results back. Major League Baseball in part, said. That's because of the Fourth of July holiday you and I both said, that's ridiculous. You have to factor that into this and know that that holiday was going to be around there when you're trying to get this thing back, and then there's Kris Bryant of the Cubs, who basically just said What's going on, he said. Quote. We agreed to what we agreed to was testing every day. We've had guys here that showed every other day every other day. Excuse me. We've had guys here that showed up on Sunday and God tested against seven days later and then you don't get the results for two days, either. So that's nine days without knowing and I think we really wanted this to succeed. We have to figure this out. I wanted to play this year because I felt that I would be safe and I would feel comfortable. But honestly, I don't really feel that way. So baseball is just figuring out another way to create another problems that are finding a way to create a solution. So baseball address the testing delays in a statement they put out yesterday. Saying results from 98% of the samples taken from June 27th July 3rd have been reported as of Sunday night. 86 samples of the 3740 remaining pending as of Monday, Quote. Our plan required extensive delivery and shipping services, including proactive special accommodations to account for the holiday weekend. The vast majority of those deliveries occurred without incident and allowed the protocols to function as planned. Unfortunately, Several situation included unforseen delays. We have addressed the delays caused by the holiday weekend and do not expect a recurrence. Now, unfortunately for Major league Baseball, this, as Chris pointed pointed out, is the easy part. Like it gets a lot harder on Chris Brian echoed this more in his statement. They've got to start traveling. What? They've got to start doing the normal course ofthe game play. When the regular season like this lead up to it, and this ramp up in the testing involved in it is going to be as easy as it's going to get. So 98% might get you in a plus in most classes, But unfortunately in this instance when you've got a bunch of players that are already feeling scorned, coming off the negotiation that you bought guys both had publicly And getting ready to go out there and be the ones to shoulder the risk in all of this. You could understand why 98% is, unfortunately, not going to be something tolerable right now. Yeah. The whole thing in Mark Teixeira said it best Thea the night on Friday and Fitz Simmons, he said. It's like we should have been figuring how to play the pandemic. Instead, we were bickering about money, and that sort of wet. Feels like right now is we're seeing a lot of holes in the way this plan is supposed to be proceeding. I wear this statement out. But I firmly believe it. Trust is gained and drops and lost in buckets and you had the bucket just spilling around everywhere for the last few months. As Major League baseball and the Players Association publicly strangled each other. And so now you need a lot of those drops to start to trickle in, and they're vitally because the subject is not just gameplay. It's now health and safety. It's the thing that we have you as you pointed out with tax Pushed around and pushed to the side for so long and all this that's now at the forefront, So you need big drops of trust. When it comes to this, and you need them to start to accumulate fast. There can be no more Mrs with all of this because players are heightened in their sense of awareness for that right now and understandably so because it's their health and safety. It's the thing that's the most risk in all this. Yeah, and we'll see if they can figure that out going forward are we've talked about Dak Prescott and Shawn Watson and how they should feel in relation to the Patrick Mahomes deal. But what about Lamar Jackson? And is that the more reasonable conversation in terms of the next contract? We'll talk about that. After this after this word from Pennzoil. Here's a fact..

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