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Coming in the great American the bangles took off about six so five tonight we went to Galveston when the giants the third preseason game allegedly is the one in which most of the starter Startin play but we'll see actually what happens the next game doesn't matter all the bangles open up in Seattle than back home with the forty Niners we'll see what occurs segment tells me after the last two victories the red lights are ready to launch that run that we've been talking about Tony pike talks about it every day the runs about to begin well okay we got to end to see what happens the next eleven games god Pittsburgh Miami and then the cardinals see what happens and applying a double header make up to a week from my Saturday so let's continue with more where Matthew mark a new gene and many others have a line becomes available five one three seven four nine seven thousand if you were archbishop Dennis Nore what the series of events that has transpired father drew and bishop in Sir the Catholic children being affected and really the smearing of Catholicism causing many Christians and Catholics to lose their faith completely others to go to other Christian churches like crossroads has done a fabulous job and making Catholics feel welcome a crossroads now my friend in yours Brian tone did a fab does a fabulous job but for the larger channels that are now morphed into the Benzer scandals this growth of these other Christian churches probably would not transpire so we'll see what happens but if you were in charge of this scandal today and a Catholic priest of yours before became a priest but was a music teacher and arch diocesan employee I did the things that he is having been charged with at least nine acts of criminal anal and oral rape of a ten eleven year old boy that the county prosecutor Hey Roman Catholic who want to say next name Joe deters said enough is enough on prosecuting then sat right there on Monday and said that if in fact there was a boy harm at Saint Ignatius after the transfer then the bishop may have criminal culpability for endangering children other nationally scores the brewers are up on the diamond back for nothing that came to the top of the eighth inning Diamondbacks batting in Milwaukee cardinals seventy six nothing lead on the Rockies top of the ninth inning in Saint Louis Padres currently trailing the red Sox forty two that games in San Diego Padres batting in the bottom of the fourth they've scored two in Chicago it was the cubs following the red hot nationals seven to the nationals over the cubs that game a final at Wrigley at Dodger Stadium two one Dodgers beat the Yankees today Erin judges fifteenth home run of the year Justin Turner hit his twenty third for LA in Miami it was the Marlins following the Phillies nine three that game at Marlins park does your National League scores where from Reds manager David bell this is the red post game show on the Reds radio network Reds.

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