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Okay so now. That's pretty much. The dna methylation. Here's the last piece of this. There are really three studies. The t. lamar study. But it's a confirmation study. I i already know what the outcome of that is going to be. I knew on day one because the russians had already done that years ago. The dna methylation study. They'd never done the study Such they had a lot of theory and so forth. It's the first study that i'm aware of that. Actually has been able to move the needle so that is a true clinical study. The third is a a bunch of clinical studies. I know the outcome because they were done also a long time ago. And this is what we call organ regeneration so before i jump to that smithsonian magazine just printed an article based on clinical study where they're indicating that the human potential lifespan could be a hundred and fifty years and we're gonna come back to the cinema now so we call it the peptide longevity program. It's it's the umbrella program for these clinical studies and the goal is enhanced lifespan and reduce mortality using the peptide beiras. So here's the scientific data because it's always the data so before i get to go to the data. This is the aging expectation that we talked about earlier. Okay this is the expectation that dr cabins and i have an expect to be able to share with as many people as we can Here's the published clinical study for the data. I'm going to show you in a few moments. It was published in two thousand and two and so the russians have known for that long how to extend life by reducing mortality and the dna methylation and the peptides basically operate on all of these organs that you see here as well as many others. Okay as i said earlier there are seven eight of them. What the program does is. It goes in at the cellular level using these peptides and it regenerates at the cellular level. Then the tissue then the entire organ all of these major organs and so at the end of a certain period of time that we're going to talk about in a moment a person basically walks out with. I don't know if the word is remodeled. Or i can't think of the word if you if you if you took your car in and said go in and change out everything that needs to be changed out so that it's brand new running ads for good. Most i love that. Thank you sandy. What you have here is in a sense not totally because we can't change the outward appearance of the person's over but we can refurbish okay. We can refurbish all of important organs. Now let's see lawrence is saying we can do. Let's look at the data. Here comes the proof..

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