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You but is he like at some point. He's he's dirty he's he's dirty so he's just like Oh what are you talking about like it's you know I gotta go to the brakes. That's how it was taught. Well guess what this is. Sport streetfight streetfight going breaks. There's a sport if it breaks because he didn't tap it and yell out screaming we stop the fight. Okay breaks but if he says stopped and you gotTA stop. What is your problem? He just he just will not stop so he's dangerous he's the him himself he's also dangerous opponents but see any any realized that I'm fucking up my career by like Sonata. Because he kept doing it kept noon it three times after once you learn at least three. Yeah you know what I'm saying like one time get caught okay. That's stopped doing to stop having the cage. Stop Game No not stop. You've figured out like stop doing it. Pick pick picking up a range. You keep doing it okay can are we got a problem. Isn't issue. Joan John Jones Spin accused in the past the fingers. You know not accuse we've seen Komo knuckle deep guys eyeball. We have John Jones rule. That's how the row you come out when we in backstage. Hey when you come out you cannot have your fingers thing is extended towards your opponent's face. I don't care extended towards lags crotch or away from him above him around him once your fingers extended towards his face and he'd be an fest or to the ceiling that is offensive and defensive. So remember if you keep your fingers to the ceiling and a guy charges you and you try to take a back step automatically human natural ability the way that our body mechanics work that fingers drop down to his is if he runs into your fingers he caused himself to run into your fingers. It is on you. I'm taking a point. Wh what you mean. It's on him. I told you fist or fingers the ceiling. Your fingers are now straight out. That's how he ran into him. Run into them going straight out. You poked him in the eye on you. I'm telling you I make it a festive time. Super Easy it's not that difficult that is legitimate and the John Jones role. That's how John McCarthy came over that specifically to counter jump and people in the eye Altan yeah and John Asks for him not when John or Jones asked for McCarthy not to be as rough a couple of times when he was when he was reverend for him and he's like a day. It's totally fine. John was like doc toy fine. He doesn't want him to rescue them. It's up to the commission. The commission is like yeah. We kind of we Kinda want McCarthy on the on the John Jones right and so do it anyway. Now to bigger refs FIZZ. Like you know. I'm trying to think of some of the bigger fs when McCarthy was revenue. God God is a guy like like are they assign it our refs assigned like like who would that my fictional and Gano Derek Lewis Fi. So I it's funny. They're not gonNA have used to be that kind of way. You don't want John. McCarthy Ref one hundred twenty five hundred so it looks weird so yeah you put some sense into that like do you want do you want a damage roughing joint. You want your sick at one fifteen carlos far as it does it does look a little weird to have that bigger in there but the reverend has gotten so much better. If you've noticed oldest go go back and look like five years ago and you would see the refs all the time all the time now the rest are Kinda hit. You don't really see us anymore. Couple of things as have happened. One the the directors trucks have gotten better camera angles and keeping the rough side of the way but to always kind of got the Mark Ratner speech whether we got directly from mark. We got it from from third party or Fourth Party. We all Marc Ratner thing and the deal is the referee is not part of the fucking show. We're not part the fight. We have nothing. We're not part of it. We stay the fuck out of the way until we got a call a foul that time. Let's call a step. Otherwise stay the hell out of the way is a lot of guys that will angle themselves the purposely beyond camera in other jurisdictions and I. It still happens and I see it when I watch these fights and other fight fan so I watch right shoulder blades. You see no takes legitimately trying to get on camera. That is what you're doing. You're you're not there for any other reason. Other than being on camera in between being on camera is legit. A quarter step is that a full step is going to be out of position anymore. It's a quarter step quarter step back out of the way and the Never GonNa see the Nagorno you there. That's how we should react is that you shouldn't be in away so it's changed quite a bit about about how the visual aspect goes a referee's but you also know that when you see the rough getting they're getting close either tencent crackers gone off. He's about ready to call time or he saw something coming towards a foul. He knows the fighters get ready to get to a foul. Like if I see on the ground or rolling him and Jake starting to roll around and and I know two other times he's already blown a guys neon blue another guy's ankle out already know this. I am right on top of them. Screw camera angles. I'm not worried about camera anymore. I'm worried about fighter safety. He's getting a lock on on. I'm getting there. I'm getting a tight and I'm getting a close. My hands are getting over. I know it's coming there. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA get right on a moment of Jake yells out the moment fighters to stop. Start Peeling stuff right there. And that's just how you get in the way but you always want to be out of the way and not be a part of it. But yeah if you're if you're roughing these big ass these big ass fighters and it looks weird because a louder with these little strong leads. That might look weird. But you don't really see Dan so it's not that big of a problem anymore. It's really not that big of an issue. I read heavyweights time. And I'm I'm I'm five foot ten in two thousand ten pounds. That's what I am strong. Motherfucker what they also they also know that. I have a com- a commanding performance. When I'm in there was one of the things I really do? Pride myself on there. I stay away. I don't say much I don't do much when I need to. It's important and I get it across the fighters I'm doing something important so it looks like Oh you're super strong big push those big heavyweights. It's often not really the kind of gave up Kinda stopped. They stopped because he knew I was coming in. They knew Toma Stop and they stopped and I was able to push resisting. That's why I'm so strong it's not because Doing also too. I'm very good getting in there. When the fights over and bumping a guy off I never hit straight on an angle ban off their feet? That's I'm trying do do you know when a guy's fake like you know there's Kicks to the Middle Region that are close to the balls. But Not really I you you know like at the high inner thigh. Do you guys faking. Like he's acting like you got kicked and balls sometimes. Yes sometimes no and dangerous. Because you're like is he like You know obviously he's in pain. You always go from the from the from the stance of safety. She always called on a little break or you tell them look I saw. It's good it's good let's go let's go let's go and I mean that mistake like I got clearly got kicked. I told. Hey you're good you're good let's go. Let's go and he was good. He wasn't hurt but he got. He did get kicked in the ball. He's able to keep going but I I missed it. I also thought they got they. Didn't I thought it was a high kick but then replay I was CONC- It if you call time and you're not sure there's no such a protocol neutral corner neutral corner you stand. There was a fighter. No coaching right. No coaching exactly. You stand in the Corner Watch. You're responsible for kicks. It tells you backstage response bounce for you strikes. You're responsible for it landed landed. High just wasn't intentional. Don't worry about it when you go home and have a conversation with them. We'll get by because I can but here I understand. I don't argue with me I know it's unintentional. You're responsible happens again. I'm thinking about taking the point. Okay good okay. Log onto him as I'm walking over him looking outside the cage at the at the head desk at the head the head. That's because the Monitor in front of it jurisdiction California. We all get monitors right. I'll just get maters ars and I'll look at the referee. The next referee coming in. Who's now technically is my second? Where the next guy coming into the cage is my second I look at him? He'll look a mango. NOPE didn't hit them or Yup Yup that hitter but hit them. Okay got hit. Let me know when you're ready to go. I want to get this as fast as possible. I gotta go now ninety time. Do you need not take a look at you. Know I think I'm okay if you if if you need to check and walking into the DOC and you walk out of the cage door and let the doctor take a look at them at the cage door KNOB LA whatever if it's a no okay look didn't hit. I know you good. We've already called star. We get ready to get back to it. Well no no no sorry we saw the replay didn't hit. We're getting back into this fight. You Ready. You ready fight. You don't give them an excuse because I have confirmation from outside and I can see the jumbotron at show's content. You thought there was context. All the happened was a six seven twelve second break. And then we're back into the fighting LESCOE. If there's a real instance I let them take his on us. And how do they get for a ball shot by business to get his blood. How long do they get if the fingers dislocated? I don't know how long they get their toenails dislocated. I've never heard of that before. I don't know right. There's no time on anything but blood but does not shot. It's the only time the only time frame that you have is not shot your ministry cover. That's it everything else. A dislocated finger like use your the Raff you see Thrown to wild names and the bad. What Paul Bundle the head hunter? And that's how big of a job at fighting. I Dunno Rico Rodriguez but Paul gets hand. Cotton the CAGE dislocates finger. You can't stop by what's he doing. He's probably clean our CH- okay. I would be doing so. Can he quit if you raise attention to that to that package. I have to stop the fight. If you you do not halted or you stop it. Live fights over so if I have he says hey my fingers dislocated advice overdone if he brings attention to it feist on Friday safety if he does not bring attention to it and you just see it he keeps going okay. So like Prime example or not want to use that one till getting in trouble. Now I'm trying to think of the fireworks had a disfigured. No say so. Let's go. This goes into this goes into the thought process to guys getting punched in the head. And he's got a cut above his eyebrow around yes wide open cut wide open. Dhaka's looked at it. They have its image. It's already been between rounds verdict. Look at it. We're fighting a wide open cut. They got bass lean in it the bleeding stop. He's fighting bang. Bang Bang Bang is getting hit and getting hit in it. He's not touching it. He's not paying attention to it. It keeps fighting but his eyes closed but he doesn't. He's not rubbing his eyebrow he's not rubbing anything anything he just keeps. Friday keep the going it keeps rubbing it with his hand. He's touching his hand. He's bothering you. Tell US bothering them and bothering them. It's piling okay. Hold on time and the DOC look.

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