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R. E. N. ninety two point one as I am and she'd be able to see her and converse with her column is it needs to be a system that she doesn't have to be in a live number anything to touch I mean it's like we can control it from our end and we can see her when she's laying down if she's awake and functioning in the room then we can just reach out to her and say hi mom because the place is in lockdown and they said for the foreseeable future they have no idea when they will be allowed in to see her and the government should not be able to see how mom's doing or even check in all right it is my sister goes religiously every day because she's the one that put my mom in and she just feels horrible about it and now that she can't be my mom it's just it's tearing apart well and you know it yeah and I I understand and it's it's gonna be tough so I normally I'd like to recommend like two or three products just as an option but in this case there's there's really only two different options okay like for example one you could put a nest cam in mom's room and so that this way you could you could sign in at any time and you could look and you can actually hear what's happening in the room and you can talk to mom and she would be able to hear a chime for when you guys are connecting or you can turn the time off I would prefer that you leave the chime on because if you just start talking I think a star of her more than anything but if she learns that if she hears a chime that one of our kids is going to be talking to I think that would be fantastic okay so in nest cam costs about a hundred fifty Bucks beautiful works on wifi and then there's also the option for if you want to pay I don't know about ten dollars a month it'll save the video for thirty days another option is that Amazon has something called an echo show and echo show if she wasn't so far down a dementia probably recommend this is that it it allows her to say like you know Alexa play music or tell me a joke or whatever it may be and then with the with the show it also has something called drop in and so basically it connects automatically nobody has to pick up and then you can just drop in on mom and say and what she would be able to see that's the downside with the nest is that she can't see with the echo show and echo show their dear various model summer two fifty somewhere seventy Bucks look at the seventy dollar model but in this case because your mom so far down a dementia that I'd probably recommend that you just get a Google nest cam and this waiver but everybody can just check on honor when they need to stay safe tell mom we also hello will pray for thanks for your call today just come right back malware is hitting corona virus maps on the internet you have to be safe here on the camp commando show finding the right wireless company can be hard they spent a lot of time talking about their coverage but it doesn't always live up to the hype T. mobile on the other hand is just talking they've built a network that's bigger and better than ever before and a.

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