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Least a team that could rival the dodgers for who knows a decade common fundamentally. Not that much has changed except that the padres have had a really lousy couple months. I suppose they started the season. Sixty six forty nine. They were flying high like things. Were going okay. And then the wheels fell off and yeah. The arms fell off and this is what happens. So yeah i would think that. Obviously there's gonna be some bitterness and disappointment and padres fans have waited a long time to see young exciting and talented padres team. So it's a big bummer. To see how this season has gone but does that you have to clean house. Obviously were not air. So we're not seeing what is exactly happening. We're just speculating from afar. Based on the results but there is still so much talent to on that team end where they're rumors and rumblings and mutterings about tingler when the team was winning maybe maybe they just weren't loud enough to become a public like it's it's tough because he is a manager in his first full season his first non pandemic shortened season. And this is a team where andy green who seemed like a smart guy was reportedly losing the clubhouse his job and then tinkler comes in and instead of sort of the established manager who has managed before who has played in the big leagues. And has that cachet next to his name. Pickler was kind of unknown. And so maybe he is heard to earn that respect than maybe he has not earned it from everyone but again i doubt his job would be in jeopardy if the padres still had an intact pitching staff and add continued contending this year so is he not the guy. Does this prove he is not the guy who can take the padres to the promised. Land at no. They were pretty good for the first year under tinkler. So i'm inclined to chalk this up more too short handedness than to tinkler but who knows without being there. It's tough to say and if people involved her considering changes than presumably. There is some rationale for that. Yeah i think he did sort of step up and save tattoos from getting a check kids right because yes started when teddy's was complaining about a call and he struck out and anglers inserted himself and got ejected for arguing balls and strikes and spared totti's from getting ojected. Which is the right move. That's what the manager should do in that situation and then machado was like. Hey don't make this about you. It's about the team like got to stay in the game and everything and maybe that is a useful corrective coming from a veteran leader soil. Again like neither of them is necessarily in the wrong. They're both frustrated. And sometimes that causes bashes usually those cautious curve in the clubhouse right and behind closed doors out of sight of prying eyes and had we never talk about it until someone brings it up in a biography or something decades exactly. Yeah i think that that's all right. Well that's the sad story of the padras. Sorry patriots vince Things will look up for you. I'm sure it's probably gonna be fine next year. Yeah like i think that's a good thing to remember. And you get to live in san diego like you know. That's that's a strong plus in the plus column. And i did want to just salute another team that is in playoff position. Now atlanta still holding on to that and l. east top spot and we didn't really give alexander topless a a ton of credit for shifting that entire outfield at the deadline. But that is really worked out. Like yeah sure has those were low profile moves than we are busy talking about trade turner and max scherzer and all these major moves and i think we mentioned taste. The braves avenue outfield. Now basically so but it seemed like maybe you shuffling deckchairs in that outfield. Not that that team was entirely out of it but they weren't exactly bringing superstars necessarily but i was thinking of this in the past few days because of course eddie. Rosario one of the players they acquired just hit for the cycle on five pitches which i saw. According to jeremy frank on twitter is the fewest pitches on record in a cycle. So that's kind of cool. And then adam duvall hit an absolute monster shadow. A four hundred eighty three foot homerun. So i had occasion to think kate good job. Alexander topless for not replacing a kunia or osuna or or the guys that they didn't have on hand that they expected to but doing pretty darn decent job of pan those holes because so much of it is about. Hey just don't play jake. Arrieta don't play the replacement player and instead these guys have hit entering tuesday. They have had. Adam duvall who has a one twenty-one. Ps plus they have jorges layer. Who has a one twenty four o. Ps plus and then they have rosario who in more limited playing time has sit even better one ninety eight pius plus the only one who hasn't really performed tall that well as jack petersen eighty one but he hasn't been horrible if you combined them into some outfield voltron. They just got themselves a pretty productive players. You combine them. That's like probably one of the biggest impact combined two players that any teammate at the deadline obviously they have needed everyone to hold off the phillies so kudos to braves for not sitting on their hands. Because at the time. I remember there was even some sentiment like. Oh they're still going for it. You know it like oh maybe they could just throw in the towel here regroup for next year and clearly. They didn't see it that way and they were right not to see it that way. Maybe they just understood that division is totally crazy and if they just tried a little bit they'd be in it that's the way it has worked out worked out for them and also just wanted to salute. Anthony goes for being back in the big lakes because we've been waiting and kind of keeping our eye on him for a while now as he finally made it back as a pitcher now so we can't do a amita major leaguer because he has been a nuclear before but it's a a new and improved or his completely different anthony ghosts not the tigers and bluejays lousy hitter of two thousand twelve to two thousand sixteen but the pitcher who reinvented himself in twenty seventeen and has been slowly working his way back to the big leagues and made it up this week with cleveland. The touch triple digits and looked pretty decent. So congrats on the career. Reinvention always nice to see a two way player. Even if he weren't doing the two ways at the same time draft him in the minor.

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