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A scots yard up scotts force jeb bush our local ace hardware today jcs if amht one colorado springs heart beulah the is his southern colorado sports leader extra sports 1300 we're back to an earlier in the third quarter to politics of fresh off of a timeout they have a fivepoint lead 88 83 murray has it on the left side open a bill set bill sat bounce pass on the elbow political yokich channel the shot clock makes a move on randle he's in the paint turns over his left shoulder hook shots up billion over randall only just stay patient stayed with it nuggets out to a sevenpoint lead ninety two 83 ball has it up the left wing eight does it inside the arctic coups baku's regarded by bill sat rosa left side back over the ball ten on the shot clock right now for the lakers inside the arc randle drives on yokich kicked in the corner coups with three got it nick that a 2 pointers they're going to review with built the next to a timeout right now to denver nugget fourpoint lead top of the key to yokich a pull the trigger on a three that one short long rebound comes out the ball outlet pass over to isaiah thomas thomas takes a 3pointer contested that will missed everything and the rebound comes down to bill set bill sap as it across the time line he's on the high rightside got it out there by coups ansett off to launch show back over to yokich back over the millsaps bills f one on one with coups book starts backing of downey's in the pay fatally eightfooter short nogood good rebound comes down to caldwellpope outlet pass over the long zobel ball has a top of the key got it out there by bill sap after timber switched the pick and roll ball thanks a drive on him steps back takes it's up to jumpers good lonzo ball tonight 5 of 10 shooting he's got eleven in the game yokich lobs it download it hair's picked off by ball for the weak side outlet pass over the randle drives on murray riverside layup is up it is nuggety downed owen ninety to eighty nine jamal berry.

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