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Namus jesus he rushed home fell on his knees by the side of his band at received jesus christ as his own personal savior there is no other way of salvation except through the death burial and resurrection jagdish christ i must needs go home by the way of the cross there's no other way but i shall never forget site took the gates of light if the way of the cross i miss neighbor knocked shave by good work we are not saved by trying to keep the ten commandments or the golden rule we are not saved lifting up the principles of the sermon on the mount we are not save by doing the best we can we are not saved by church membership sacrament baptism or uh uh their religious rites and practices we are by the substitution nuri death of jesus christ on the cross the shedding of his blood through our repentance from sayin' and our faith in jesus christ burst fifteen june four in christ jesus neither circumcision obey lift anything nor on circumcision but a new creature the jews greatly offended when they heard that conversation a veiled nothing they believe that on circumcision a veiled nothing show today traditional religion follows its tradition sacrament.

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