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The ball throws it for the extrapoint isn't that what the deal is now he sees the long snapper wasn't apps it back yet his apps it back yet quarterback downer's guetta okay all right so he's getting some attention saving lives yet no jayco since first snap at during a game was met with roars from the crowd and a celebration from his teammates the trojans that beat western michigan in a forty nine to thirty one win on saturday that was the start of the college football season but the highlight of the game was when at the walk on line snapper who's the blind since he was twelve had a perfect snapped to help you sc get its final extrapoint seattle seahawks coach pete carroll was among those at the game and he was excited to see jaekle's then hit the field in fact he was still exciting was moved to tears he's nowhere at the two of them jaekle's than mp carol have known each other since jake was twelve years old when he first last his right eye he lost his left at ten months old because of a rare cancer at the retina jake visited the trojans in two thousand nine prior to his i surgery live p careless still the coach and the two have maintained their friendship over the years so kind of a cool thing for piero to be in the crowd there to witness that yeah nice very nice all right so that's an update as to a couple of her sport stories that will be part of the yak as we move forward fortyfour after the hour the dj be show here's something that's part of our daily yak and have for those of you who have taken advantage of this free offer now's the time to do it but what's what free some dads he had some free well i actually have the announcement about what.

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