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So other teams are just there's only to me six teams in the league maybe five six teams in the league to play real NFL defense. The bears. The Cowboys the saints the Steelers and the rate only five teams so those are five teams right lows. I mean, actually, the the bills released the buffalo of the other five or all in contention, right? I mean the other five off content buffalo so the team that could contend there's only five the play defense. Could the bears on a given day playing apparently in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum were playing in the Superdome who they somehow win a twenty four twenty one game is one of those high fly that that's really interesting, and I do think they could now let's the the New Orleans Saints averaged thirty eight points per game the Kansas City Chiefs average thirty seven points per game. And the Rams averaged thirty five points per game. I the the the formula would have to be that this bears defense holds one of those teams to let's say seven points touchdown less than that what they average. Now. I think the only way I don't think that you're I don't think you can dominate any of these teams. But what you have to do you have to have some complimentary offense. At that point. If your defense delivers in holds a team to like, let's say seven nine points below the average now Kim Mitchell in that offense carry their ended. A bargain Ken drag it into a shootout. That's is the most because I know that liens can do it. I know the Rams can do it. I know Kansas City can do it. I know Pittsburgh can do it. I know New England can do it can the bears do that. I think the bears the one test the bears had they failed it and it wasn't because Mitch didn't do his job in the offense. Because they did it wasn't because the defense didn't do the job because they did they helped Tom Brady to twenty four special teams blew it. And obviously special teams as much better last week. And you hope that the trend not just a one off. But you can't give fourteen points up on special teams to beat any of those teams. You just name. Yes. That's true. Would it surprise? You Michael I told you that Duke is losing by double digits Gonzaga in the second half. No, so Matthew, and I stayed up late east coast time watching Gonzaga a couple of times, and he's a Duke fanatic. And he said dad, you think could be Duke case in the same little boy who in our pool of fifty some people, you know, forty seven adults and a little luckily like him pick Tennessee to beat New England two weeks ago. So I started to pay more a little more attention to them in a city owned, Matthew. I don't think it can be do get maybe a rematch in April. But wow, double digits. We he's watching that game right now, I've been turn it on by the way, this must mean because Jay Williams says that the Duke could be kept the Cavaliers this means that. Gonzaga could run the Cavs out of a gym, right? I always I always caution. People Jay played in the league, he should know better. No college team of any kind. You know, could beat any pro team of any kind on their worst day. If you took a combination of the worst elements of the Cavaliers and the wizards they would be, you know, the nineteen Ninety-one UNLV or do teams by forty. They're grown men. Yes. People don't know. These guys have four pros. Well, they got twelve pros. So Larry Nance junior at the age of twenty five could post up pretty much all of these eighteen year olds or five points of a game. I mean, and nobody could even understand how to stop them. So but that, but that look there's no question those three guys and Duke are going to be in the league next year. And they're gonna down the line at least two of them probably all three of. And maybe that four kids the big bend. And I've been there. I can't think of his name more. Whatever his last name is the kids are gonna be pros. And they're gonna be contributing pros. And a couple of them might even be first team all pro pros. But that's not where they are today. And so it is pretty darn that we we did notice that watching those guys back to back in those first rounds for Maui. Yeah. Do cutting the lead a bed at sixty one forty nine. There's about fifteen minutes laugh. So we'll keep our listeners posted. Speaking of the Cavs tonight is the night that LeBron returns again to Cleveland. I I read a quote from Barkley who said that it was probably the most hostile arena he's ever been to the first time LeBron came back. I mean, those people disliked him they felt betrayed. Will. It be totally different vibe tonight and will be more of an appreciation for LeBron from Cavs fans. Seventy five percent different. I think there will be some people who still boo and say, you're you're of us your of us. You know, what are you doing? Why why do you feel the need to get out of here? Every few years. I think they will. You know, some of that. And I think they'll be much lower like in the twenty twenty five percent twenty five would be the highest. I go I think most people will stand at applaud him because that is still the only championship Cleveland had since nineteen sixty four right Brown. Jim brown. It's been. I mean, I'm fifty four years LeBron provided that so yes, I think that that I think it will be dramatically different. But not entirely how will you be spending thanksgiving dinner here in Washington and then early flight to Chicago tomorrow Friday morning for leftovers. Don's house. Was ready with a smart? And then Saturday Saturday at Ryan field watching northwestern. Hopefully, put the finishing touches on some kind of comeback from one in three. They will from one in three we will go on from one in three to eight and four if we can beat Illinois. And that's kinda the second straight year last year. I think it was two and three and we ran the and we got we got the ten wins. So it was eighth straight. This year is not eighth straight. But it could be eight of nine over nine of ten actually if we will eight of nine I'm going to get carried away about next week yet. But we did lose to Notre Dame. But still to win all your big ten games two years in a row like that. That's that's pretty that's pretty amazing. And I, you know, I don't wanna hear well you guys didn't play Ohio State and Penn State. Well, you know, we didn't get to play Maryland, Maryland better or we get to play that we didn't get to play Rutgers few of the glass year. So we'll take the scepter we've gotten to what we've lost the Michigan. Each of the last two years, and those are the only two big ten games. We've lost fourteen of fifteen and I think if you tack the sixteenth game on there that too was a loss of Michigan. We'll take that. So it's it's pretty it's pretty darn good. I'll do that on Saturday afternoon at two thirty central time or watch hopefully, watch us close out against Illinois. And then get ready for the big ten title do care who wins, Ohio State or Michigan. No, I don't even more. I don't I was wishing for a Michigan, you know, win. So that we can have a sort of. I thought our kids might react better to a rematch or a revenge seeking situation. But that's not our style. Wherever I mean. Ohio State looks like they completely dismiss certain opponents. And if that's the case good, let them do it. Yes. How arrogance just sort of limit? And so if that's what if that's how he wants to do what we could somehow get tussle with them on December first in India. I'll take that whoever wins whoever wins. I want to be a little beat up. And I don't know if it's because I'm old now, but the whole mantra I want to be the best you got to beat the best. No easiest path to win the game. Yeah. Win team where everyone's got the flu. Okay. Anybody just give me these your Pat, I would take maize and blue flu or silent and gray flew flew from both of them. Right. Well, stay healthy for the thanksgiving holiday. Michael all the best to you and your family and thanks for everything. You do for our shell. Okay. Happy thanksgiving. Thank you got to have me. No, I'm I'm grateful for that among other things on this on this holiday season beginning and thank you guys for indulging. And and Tom again, thank you from. Tony. I Tony and me for for coming on with us last week. That was that was that was a tremendous. It was my pleasure. Thank you. We'll talk to you guys so much Michael well by each and every Wednesday five o'clock coming up next marching Greco's going to start your holiday going strong and saw busted Marquis doing something funny. I did. I did I'll tell you about it coming up and then wind we'll play some some. Parody songs getting set for bears and lions getting set for thanksgiving. It's a fun night here. 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