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Department's trying to fire Geoffrey Berman the US attorney in Manhattan overseeing key prosecutions of president trump's allies but Berman says he's not going anywhere and his ongoing investigations will continue now Attorney General William Barr says Mr trump has ordered Berman output president trump says he's not really involved in all this the general bar you know that this is the corporate office news legal analyst Rebecca Royce he says this is a very big deal for the justice system the center district of New York is an extremely important office in part because New York is the financial center of the country and a lot of important cases happen I'm also traditionally the summer district of New York has been very independent and feet twenty general and other political appointees have respected that independent of the standoff is shut off an extraordinary clash between the justice department and the Southern District CBS news update I'm Sam Litzinger WBBM news time four thirty two and the news watch continues with the recent calls for racial justice and police reform a Chicago based website that features nude celebrities is making some charitable donations and pledging to work for change the story from WBBM Jim go to make bride the CEO of Mr skin dot com says the website is created a ten thousand dollar endowment which will benefit black lives matter the Chicago community bond fund the collaboration theater company in the gray matter experience is as Mr skin employees will also regularly volunteer to help Chicago charities working toward social justice and police reform the crisis he created Mr skin to celebrate the human body in all its shapes sizes and colors he says the website is intended to be light hearted and not political but a claim systemic racism and police abuse against people of color have played Chicago for far too long he says he hopes the donation from Mr skin will encourage more people in the Chicago area to help make a difference Jim good as newsradio one oh five point nine FM the principal at a top rated Chicago elementary school has resigned after being accused of throwing a water bottle and a staff member's face behavior of Kirk Jones was investigated for months for the water bottle incident that left a female lunchroom worker with a concussion and according to the district numerous additional complaints from current and former employees at Franklin.

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