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Of volume on the southbound side between cancel avenue and the Alexander Hamilton bridge into New Jersey go, we are closed due to a fire on one nine southbound between the tunnel circle. The Pulaski skyway, I'm Tim Bonomo one seventy seven WABC. Here's Debra Valentine with your forecast. Now your forecast from the Ramsey Subaru weather center this afternoon. Look for mostly sunny skies, the high seventy tonight mostly cloudy, the low dips down to fifty eight just a twenty percent chance of showers after one, a m well, see partly sunny skies tomorrow. Just a twenty percent chance of showers, the high seventy four then overnight on Sunday. Mostly cloudy. The low fifty eight still that twenty percent chance of showers lingers, then on Monday Partly sunny, fifty percent chance of a shower or thunderstorm and the high up to eighty one and that's your forecast from the Ramsey Subaru weather center. I'm Debra Valentine. Most Americans take a generic drug to help cure, what ails them. Do you have any idea factor has tested to, you know what's going on in that industry? You know what you're putting in your body. Join me Joan Hamburg one o'clock Saturday. Joan Saturdays at one pm New York comes to seventy. In matters of faith, everything matters. This rabbi Joseph tastic from religion line, and I'd like to welcome. Reverend a Auburn to seventy seven w ABC thirty five years. Same job, same place in outside signed for the Rev and the rabbi. Remember in Hebrew. We read from right to left. So it's the rabbi and the rent that we've discussed that our show revise join us for the Rev and the rabbi Sunday morning from eight to nine on seventy seven WABC. This program is sponsored by Gary Goldberg financial services. The views expressed, by the following program are those of the sponsor and are not necessarily the opinions of seventy seven WABC or Cumulus media. Welcome the money matters with your host, Gary, Goldberg founder and CEO of Gary Goldberg financial services years ago. Gary Goldberg financial services, again, helping people navigate their retirement portfolios. They've whether the ups and downs of the monkey countryman lies and throw it at all remain optimistic by nature in defensive by strategy serving their fourth generation of clients Gary Goldberg financial services as run into one of America's premier boutique money management firms, combining the wisdom that only comes from decades of experience with technology today. Now, here's the man who started at all and your host, Gary Goldberg..

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