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On the threes brought to you by post road carpet one of act in angola chris gayle king good morning to you in the hearing go on the mastered by looking very good no problems 495 all the way into boston without an issue looking good log routes nine at two as well you're looking very good of north reward 28 southbound coming up as 93 without issue ivory one your clear out of top fielded and all the way down to the tobin bridge on ninety three seeing the first tap of the brakes by 495 it's really not all that bad but you will notice a a slowdown on that stretch the rest of the ride was 28 and beyond looks good route 3 is clear between 495 and onetwentieth as well check out southbound route 3 moves well as you coming up plus all the way to braintree were 24 and 95 and good shape one 28 southbound just a slight slowdown getting out of the expressway into the start of the hov lane after that your clear on the expressway all the way up into the city in one 28 moves free and clear from braintree up to the turnpike if you're in the immediate downtown area the lower deck of 93 is wide open levered down ramp looks good no issues were you along store owed drive but tobin and the tunnels or fine next update's at five thirty three were wbc cbs this fall to find his daughter's killer is a one year anniversary of my daughter buechler one that created the revolutionary new technology people can submit evidence realtime crowd sourced tribes solving that will change the were the cops getaway so much golden globe winner jeremy and richard dzhidzhov sweeping all this i know where to work wisdom of the.

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