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Initial avalanche yesterday in the very same area that killed five people thirty emergency workers have been rescued around a dozen still remain missing eight eighteen now and cloudy skies dominating here in Boston this morning and for the next several days to thirty eight degrees right now snow sleet freezing rain the whole thing headed our way for tomorrow morning scientists and environmental activists have long been warning us that it is way too bright in the night time sky now some action on a light pollution bill is cropping up on Beacon Hill WBZ's Chris fama has more legislation soon to expire and begin hill addresses the growing problem of light pollution the over presence of artificial or colored lights which researchers have found to be a credible threat to human health two brothers is the site manager at M. I. T.'s Wallace observatory doctors and signed it that link it to everything from obesity colon cancer breast cancer prostate cancer anxiety sleep disorders and and the list goes on and on senator Cynthia stone cream is the chief sponsor of a bill in the state Senate it's not a big thing to do to try and deal with light pollution it's not only for what you see there's been an extension of some birds because they that they're dying as a result there's a whole host of issues involved with light pollution in Medford Chris sama WBZ Boston's newsradio this is like looking through the lens of time the lean public library featuring a display of black history month WBZ's Carl Stevens tells us the library turns the pages of history through the eyes of Massachusetts if you wanted to do a little intellectual one stop shopping on the issue of black history in the Commonwealth you might want to check out a new display at the limb public library what we have is an exhibit called freedoms agenda freedoms agenda is a traveling exhibit from the state's Commonwealth museum children's librarian Nicole McLean requested it because the series of panels and pictures are uniquely focused on the civil rights struggle here in Massachusetts it tells the history of Massachusetts itself not the history of the file or would not removed from it basically it brings it to our community and it's relevant to our state so it makes it more important for us to not only in it sheds light on our part in the whole situation from Lynn Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's news radio no question America is sharply divided over politics these days and it looks like there's even a partisan divide over one of the nation's infrastructure projects orders of two presidents are battling it out over what to name a highway junction near Greenville South Carolina the question of whether to name it president Donald J. trump interchange or president and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama interchange will be fiercely debated on Thursday not surprisingly state lawmakers are divided along clear partisan lines the intersection sees about two hundred thousand vehicles pass through it each day Pam Coulter CBS news.

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