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Action to help support the Venezuelan opposition leader CBS news correspondent coming McCormick says one why DO met today with secretary of state Mike Pompeii all in a sudden meeting here with the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Y. del Ponte pale wouldn't speak to specific sanctions that may be in the works but he's just travel to Berlin where he met with European leaders and insisted there behind the opposition why don't travel here in defiance of the travel ban and plans to head to Europe next and insists he has not lost momentum that the huge protests in Venezuela have died down now Pompeii always urging world leaders to pressure Venezuela's currently Nicolas Maduro to resign there is a new crackdown on illegal shipments of plastic waste flooding Malaysia the country Malaysia shipping back containers of plastic waste the environment minister says their position is they just want to send the waste back and give the message that Malaysia is not the dumping side of the world shipments of been rerouted to Southeast Asia since China banned the import of plastic waste in twenty eighteen but now Malaysian other developing countries are fighting back Malaysia returned a hundred and fifty shipping containers totaling over four thousand tons of waste to thirteen countries including France Britain and the United States and they report shuddering more than two hundred illegal plastic recycling factories I'm Jennifer king the navy is naming its next aircraft carrier after sailor Dorie Miller a message tended to manta machine gun during the nineteen forty one surprise attack on Pearl Harbor the us with that he would be honored with aircraft in his name was made at Pearl Harbor on this date congressman bill Flores from Miller's home town of Waco Texas spoke at the ceremony today we recognized petty officer Miller not just for his service to the navy but specifically for his bravery and courage during the attacks on Pearl Harbor on.

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