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And then Pat McDonough will take you through the rest of the year. So next week will be a lot of whatever the news of the day is, as well as looking back it probably the worst year certainly in my lifetime. But the worst here definitely the 21st century, maybe last 50 years, so we shall Look back and fund this as they say at 2020, number, 410 wcbm, 6 80 or 100 Wcbm 6 80 talking about all the insanity of the left. You want to talk about the insanity of the left Helen Keller. You would think that Helen Keller would not be Controversial Having died a long time ago, having been born blind and deaf, But you would be wrong because Again. We live in the woke Olympic times. We live in a time when victimhood is Valued and aspired to you think well victim right there. Helen Keller's Got it. But no No Helen Keller's biggest problem is that she's white, the headline in Time magazine co founding the CEO you fighting for labor rights and other Helen Keller accomplishments. Students don't learn in school. Okay. You're thinking Why is Helen Keller in the news? Well, apparently in this wasn't published till just the other day. So even Time magazine didn't seem to notice it while the world marked international Day of persons with disabilities. It was a day for everything. So where's the day for sanity? On December 3rd. The history of people with disabilities is still not fully taught in schools. Does it need to be taught in schools? Does it. The general category of persons with disabilities. Does that need to be taught in schools? My mother lost her right leg when I was nine years old. And I don't think that she certainly didn't sit around and talk about it. You could have wild about it for the rest of her life if she wanted to. She didn't She got on with her life. She lived and did everything she possibly could have come home from school and is above the knee. So she always walked with crutches and should be stand on top of a chair. Wiping the ceiling down in the kitchen. Didn't occur to me to ask. What the hell did you get on the ceiling in the kitchen? But yeah, she's just that's how she she lived. That's how she did it. She could have wallowed in self pity for the rest of for years, but she didn't She fought through it all for the rest of her years. In the U. S. If American school Children learn about any person with disabilities, they learn that Franklin Delano Roosevelt once had polio and use the wheelchair in office, and they learn about death blind activist Helen Keller. Okay. Well, is that It. Shouldn't they learn about people who did things? Those people did things that amazing things that they need to learn about my mom. My mom would would have said no. But then you read down. And you see what the real point is. And again. This is progressivism it work. Halfway through the peace, however, to some black disability rights activists like Anita Cameron Helen Keller is not radical at all. Quote just another despite disabilities, privileged white person and quote and yet another example of history, telling the story of privileged white Americans. Yeah. Helen came when you think of somebody who had it really good. You think of Helen Keller? Don't you? Isn't that the way it is? Then how you spend your time Wake up in a cold sweat. 3 30 in the morning going down. Helen Keller had it so good. What With being blind and deaf. So sick of hearing about how Helen Keller had it rough. She had nothing. I I have to. I don't know. See and hear things. Helen Keller had it really easy. This really where we're seeking to is a society. Yes, it is now. Helen Keller was certainly not perfect. It's you know, the progressive left the beginning of the 20th century through about World War two. The Nazis kind of Took progressivism too far. And American progressives had to recede until about 25 years ago is weird. You know, nobody would go. We're the new We're the new clan. We don't believe in racism anymore. Reclaiming the name and we're really just about everybody getting along. Nobody would do that. Nobody would do that. Because the name Ku Klux Klan has ah, horrible stain on it. But for some reason, progressivism doesn't have that horrible state. They've managed to escape the horrible stain they absolutely deserved. Because they embraced eugenics, which is the elitist liberal idea that they should be able to choose who's worthy of life and who is not and how others should live their lives. It's always Thies, Northeastern. Liberal elitists, not necessarily intelligent but educated there a lot of people educated beyond their intelligence. Dr Jill Biden, for example. But they all believe that they were better and that the unworthy these should likely be sterilized should be stopped should be prevented from reproducing because that was the problem in society was that these undesirables were reproducing. They're dumb. Some people will have dumb kids. We should sterilize them and you look back at the forced sterilization actions taken by progressive government back in that time, and that was the impetus for it. Also, they didn't like Black people very much that in like brown people very much, although there were black and brown members of the progressive movement into eugenics. Because it was really just about class. Was ultimately if you aren't like us, kind of like Democrats now progress If you aren't like us, you aren't worthy of freedom of choice of liberty of living your life. We will decide for you. And if we need you to be unworthy of any of those things, so be it. You just don't know what you're talking about. They used race to couch a lot of it, but there were a lot of black progressives. To sit there and say, Well, Helen Keller she suffered She she had. Yeah, she had it rough, but she had her white privilege to fall back on. Yeah, I don't I don't think Helen would agree with that. I don't think most people who know the story of Helen Keller would agree with that. But again, we're living in the walk Olympics and it's a constant medal ceremony. Let's go back to the phones for one out of the C B m 60 8100 wcbm 6 80 Alex in Baltimore. Thanks for holding welcome back. Thanks for taking my call. Yeah, telling Telegram. Probably read a lot better than most of these people cry. She had it so good. What with her ability to breathe in and out. Need food. I, uh I don't know if you remember this. I'm not sure how long you been in Baltimore..

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