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It looks like we have a minute to take. Catherine if you don't, mind says, Catherine Newport, Beach what's on my call? Screen how do you balance being a Christian and your passion for? Astrology that's apparently what she told phone, room, Catherine good. Morning So I've I've grown up at the Christian I went to Calvary? Chapel I went to school there from, the, eighth grade Well, and, I just. Got a, question about like your whole like. Astrology thing just because I. Growing up I always heard like oh it's witchcraft You, know, I know Into that. Kind of terrified, ever kind, of like But I really, do like like you're. Reading and like all this but I don't know like never talk to like your pastor and like what he has to. Say about that To be. Totally honest I know exactly what you're saying. I think a lot of Christians think that it is which craft. And it's, not, necessarily the path you should. Go down for me astrology such as. Just a passion of mine I find it very interesting and intriguing and I just love it and I I I find happiness and. Joy so it's a hobby that. I pursue I really pay attention to in for me being a Christian. Isn't so much abiding by these necessarily these rules of being a Christian it's, about living a Christian life we're hearing you admit that you are, indeed mistake not in. This conversation I just want you to know that you just told us the tooth fairy I am basically just pulled a find the curtain yeah I. Miss Taty and I am Tanya but that's kind of how I balance it You know, I don't talk to my pastor about it because. It's, this is how I choose to live, my life in this is the you know Right okay, yeah that was. My question, it's very touching and this conversation could go in so many different ways with so many different beliefs and religions and ideas but, totally you Do you do. What you do you do what you believe in you know you do you feel but thank you for listening to us, thanks for, calling Thank you so much. I love it Okay Stick around back.

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