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They were cutting down the tree, and he'd been traveling inside it from upstate New York to get to New York City, so I hope they fed him. And by the way, Michael Yes, he was a saw wet. All that l That would be s a W dash. W h e t o solid. All right, boys said that it was just give you a little background on this. This segment actually began on my morning radio show Back in 2003. It moved the marks afternoon show years after that and continues on and frankly, some days, the pickings are slim. We go for the funny the seriously insightful Sometimes just goofy things that notable celebs politicians, other newsmakers say, And sometimes there's just not much to deal with. There's a quantity of things to choose from, but quality. Well, long story short. Mike has put a ton of these today in a what I would call an audio pot. We're going to spin a wheel to see which Should come up because they're all about the same in terms of quality, and we'll just play them. Okay, Mike spin that wheel. Even our wheel. Sounds cheap it at number 25 comes up. This happens to be From the fresh, Fresh Prince Re union. Will Smith and Janet Hubert working out their problems that led to Janet? No longer being on the show? Is that VIP? Here's the clip. I can see now the level of pain and the level.

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