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I'm Ashley flood here's our top story the father of a missing boy in Georgia found living at a compound in New Mexico with. Eleven Hungary filthy children. Is now accused of trying to, train the children to carry out school shootings will. Be held within the next five day very brief court appearance Ajayi said pending a bail. Hearing Sarah wa will remain in jail in court documents prosecutors claim was at the compound in New Mexico training children to carry out school shootings they say a. Foster parent, of one of the children claim that, wa, should train, the child in the use. Of an assault rifle preparing for future school shootings. Alex stone ABC news with today's arrest of, Republican. Congressman Chris Collins New York's deep red twenty seventh district is played for this November's midterm, elections congressman Collins was charged with insider, trading prosecutors allege he an family members avoided hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial, losses by executing trades using. Non Public information, at, a press, conference this afternoon his democratic. Challenger Nate McMurray said what happened in a confirmation. Of what many tried to keep a secret, a. Confirmation what many of known and tried to get out but it's finally wisely known by, the public Chris Collins uses. Position not to serve the public servants self His political friends and his family. Thank Murray also said quote cheaters. Need to be thrown out let's get a, check on traffic Lewis in the valley Chevy. Dealers traffic center Ashley things, looking pretty good on valley freeway, as for the most part we're seeing a lot. Of improvement but ten westbound. You've got a crash near sixty seventh avenue still hanging on they are on. The left shoulder and it's got you backed up into. Downtown we didn't get rid of that. Crash ten east Broadway so. That's going to. Help with that eastbound volume hadn't, added downtown that surface rods couple of incidents of note. Forty four th street Indian school gonna find a crash there the other wreck fifty..

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