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I love my country's Florida Georgia line is the second time this week. We've talked about them, right. Because isn't was their break up. Was that another group of those things? Rumors? Rumors? Yeah, he's got it right. So they've signed a multiyear touring deal with live Nation, But the turmoil continues. Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelly. Apparently, are they going to figure out what the problem is? And fix it? I would think that would be in their best interest. Dollar signs Probably fixed it, right? Yeah. I mean the moment and I don't even speak to each other. So you know what they tour? So Yeah, it's Z boys don't speak to each other either. Founding members don't anyway, so the tour is gonna feed your a number of North American dates this next year. This past year, the pair said, has given his chance to spend more time writing, producing and being creative. But itching to get back on the road. We miss our fans know they missed did not amount of money that they make on the road. Come on, let's be aren't we miss out? Sure, they miss performing, though, and You know, and he's gonna put a million bucks in their pocket of the average show. They made headlines, right. You know, they make a lot of these guys. That's where they get the cash and they're from selling visit. Their concerts are huge fun. Yeah, they're gigantic so daily. They followed each other. And now have they are the wives did. I guess there's something but they now gone back to following each other on Instagram. That's where the room do in 2020 unfollowed someone and have no one noticed that you just can't do that. Like fans, Air Eagle eyes when it comes to this stuff, so, yeah, they've re followed each other. And E guess life is back to normal for them. Although one of them is still in his tour bus quarantine because he's got coded, right? I don't know which one I thought it was weird, though. I think it was. I think it was Tyler and he said that every day is kids come out to kiss him. Now. What's the point of quarantining if your kids are coming out to kiss? Wait, what I thought they were like waving to him through the bus window. I don't know is that they want to come outside. You kissed me, right? So anyway, Apparently, there are also some different political points of view for the two of them. And Tyler doesn't like Trump and Kelly apparently likes I'm trying to get me likes Trump. Yeah, right. Tyler has done the re father thinks so. Let's see what happens. Um, it's just Carrie. So they're gonna bring Nelly with them. I hope so. Right now. They don't always travel with Nellie. But they do these big stadium concerts with him and I went it is so much fun. Oh, my gosh. It's great. Right up my alley. All right. Time for Christmas music. Now here 26 at the hour on the TGV program with Jan. Jan. In Victorian,.

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