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Well. For the first time in five months, there's finally some finality on the NBA draft landscape because. Yesterday was the withdrawal deadline for underclassmen. In College, and so now we get a full scope of how the dust has settled. One, hundred, fifty, six underclassmen who initially declared. As, now been whittled down to sixty four. And as Arizona State Fan, I was surprised to see remmy Martin. Yes. Just like the. Booze. Whole out. But if you look around and you see the winners and the losers more or less. I mean, just as I said, when you get a remmy Martin was the I believe he was the PAC. Twelve player of the year. Which? I don't understand why he would go back. To tell you the truth. They did lose to the Sundell's Ra. Mellow White, but that's because. He transferred they got this enrolling five star recruit named Joshua Christopher the man with two. First names, which is good. So Bobby Hurley down in ten PS got to be. Excited about that if you're in Iowa Fan. The football program is going through some hard times Maybe, deservedly, so but if you look at the basketball program. In the last twenty years, only four players. One big ten player of the year opted to return the following year number. One of those Draymond Green. But he came out, but Luca Garza nnounced Sunday that he's going back. To Ames. And other way in three of the four instances, the team that welcome back the reigning big ten player of the year. Won The. Big Ten. Including last year when cash Winston went back to So. The only time that the conference player of the year went back. was when D Brown went to went back to the fighting a lion I and they came in second. So you know Garza was not a one hit wonder. You know you'll likely be the preseason national player of the year. He really will. This is a team that. Turns a lot of starters. Cam. Jordan. Bohannon is also all those guys are all big ten. Lied. Fran McCaffrey was a kid the last time I WANNA conference idol. Nineteen seventy nine. So this. Over. Forty year drought. Could Iowa when the big ten? Going to be favorites. the Baylor bears down there in Wacko it's Waco. Well. I can't help it to me. It's Wacko Jacko. Last season deal from November to mid. February, they won twenty three straight games. Remember that. The nucleus of the squad is back Jared Butler and macy's teague. Are Coming back. A little bit more about that. But let's go back to the phone lines and go to Hell's kitchen and Lower Manhattan. Charlie what you got buddy. Our you, my friend doesn't like worries hasn't played a game in about four years. I mean. It's Yes it, there's no doubt. It feels exactly like that I. Mean I just seems like forever and it's you know and I. It's just an observation. I was. Watching bits and pieces. Somebody's NBA Games. And I'm like, what was the last time they worked on court? Regarding the draft though who who do you? Well, who do you? Who would you like them to take assuming they have their choice? Say They get the number? One overall? You think they should go with James Weisman or. Or I I am now a little bit more in love with ob top and. And, yes, that's not that's not to say that these other guys are useless because. I. I can tell you that I'm not into Lamelo Ball. Anthony Edwards to me? I don't know I'm still to me. He's another wiggins. But, I know they're trying to get guys for when you know clay and staffer in their thirties or close. To Me Ob top and they say now has in fifteen years. Everybody will be like, why didn't you draft him? I don't know. It always seems like when the warriors have a chance to do this like Joe. Smith. Discussion there's no, there's no admiral waiting there. Yeah I mean I've read that it will be tough and has been climbing up people's charts, and again I'm I know very little about college basketball outside at won that tournament kicks and. when the. Putrid I used to follow. College basketball more because I was more value. I. Mean James Weisman seems like he's a bit of a project and want to capitalize on. The warriors. At in their careers and that's what I hear to this oh be talking with pizza. Best Fit. that you put right in. Right away and and you know he, he can help them. You know play now as opposed to having A. Or an Anthony Edwards be a backup I guess to stuff Yeah, I was just just wanted to. Say the thing about not interview. But the thing about why that I've and yeah, look, he's got the biggest as they say wingspan he seven one and he's He's just a kid, he's still growing but. I've heard Steve. Kerr say more than once that he doesn't think centers matter anymore though when he's saying that it's he's the best player and everybody gets together. Bob Myers what have you and they gotta take him when the head coach openly says that he's not really dead. Anymore. Now, if he had in one, he would be, but I just I. Don't see them taking this not that he's GonNa be the next. Purvis Ellison Patrick O'Brien, but. You just try to go with something that you know and the thing about ob top, and is that he he plays defense like dream on, but he shoots threes. So it's just a little bit more than intriguing guy. Yeah I, I'd be curious to see where they're gonNA go. Now. You know how what kind of team they'll put together. You know I mean. They get them back into contention. You know you, I stopped reading all the. Rumor. Mills, with the cooper boats and. I. Mean All the time I called you because I was getting stoked about the them dealing with a guys that from Philly. Indeed and but you know I. I think what? That mid level trade and they got the number one to one next to you. I've gotta one this year. I. Think they. You know they can get I. Think they can assemble a pretty decent team. I mean I disagree that they need to know superstar in that roster, I, mean. I. Think if you were just for a s and giggles had starting five of the Klay Dre. Steph, wiggins, and maybe. Someone who is obtainable like an Errand Gordon. I mean, I, think that seem I don't know if they're a championship quality team, but I think starting five that I'm just using that as an example with a strong bench and you will be competent. I think that the let me ask you. This Charlie is someone who's on the east coast because I haven't seen a lot of Aaron Gordon Games. He's a bay area kid he's from San. Jose. I think you know we know about the offense. We know about the Dunks, do you know about him? As a defensive presence. It's Gotten I. Mean I've I've I I. When? When I, when I heard that, you know last year that that was a player that some of the front, Office. The, words were interested in. His defense has definitely improved. He very athletic. You know I don't think it's twenty, five, twenty, six So I, I listen I, I'M NOT GONNA lie and say I know in. In depth but. Defensively. Definitely. Improved from what I I watched them and. I think I. Think you know and I think he's a painel. West Coast. Sam. We're GONNA, get ended a combo. And getting, we're going to go out and get you know, Bradley. Deal. I think they can without cutting the team. He's up type of player who because they're very front loaded in the front court. Mistaken. Don't know offhand, but they I think they acquired. They got someone from Portland and they're and. I don't even I, don't even those guys as on the team. Outside of him in August in But apparently there front loaded up front and they would like to get more balanced. So maybe someone like him when he's from the bay area. So that's why. I mentioned him but. Yeah. We'll see. All right. That's all you buddy. Actually Cultural I. appreciate it. That's Charlie out there in Manhattan Kennel East Coast. We got Florida we got New York in the lines are open one, eight, hundred, eight, seven,.

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