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Not necessarily teams but how soon will we hear the names well i think it's odd can can go on a couple of his guy richmond spider kala letta i'll take mason rudolph i think somewhere in the second round at worst early third i think luke falk i'm gonna be interested to see if new england luke falk because he kind of fits the prototype of what they want pattern himself after tom brady really professional in his approach cerebral pretty accurate passer had the injury this year played through it i i'm actually if luke falk becomes a patriot some point second round they had the two picks their i figure it's interesting to see some of these teams that have aging quarterbacks new orleans saints when they made that big move up we all thought this jackson and they go up and get a defensive end markets davenport then you've got the new england patriots mel mentioned you've you've got some other teams like the la chargers who have an agent quarterback as well so whether it's mason rudolph kyle from richmond who also has been linked to bill belichick is father and played at navy he's a lacrosse former lacrosse player so there's there's some connection there it'd be interesting to see what those two and faulk i think we'll probably be the next three quarterbacks off the board you guys are the best looking forward to watching it tonight and all weekend again rounds two and three or tonight and the rest of it is tomorrow well done guys thank you so much for doing this mel and mcshea as raising cats and again i just screamed my voice out last night and obviously it's costing me this morning when the jets got darnold now lebron james on the floor tonight in indiana for game six you'll see it right here can he carry his team to a win or is this one going back to cleveland for a winner take all scary game seven for the best player in the league we'll answer that next this is get up on espn.

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