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From New York City Tom Selleck all world how are you welcome to the big radio show so I I got a computer that's gone wacky army so this whole business again seven o'clock tonight is now become I don't know if you think who's going to win the police Washington DC police and the National Guard or the protesters but it's yeah I know they got it scheduled for seven o'clock tonight four thirty right for thirty five right now three six thirty two and a half hours and that they'll have it it'll be during daylight still daylight at seven o'clock so hopefully the police I will head to cameras out there that will be recording who the people are if they do attack the statue any vandalism and identify who they are arrested and see what happens did the president signed yesterday or day before some executive orders again this is federal land the district of Columbia some federal order cracking down on people to do this he cannot dictate sentences but he can dictate crimes in DC so John Kennedy center Kennedy from Louisiana I was talking about this this morning and he makes a very interesting point because again in Washington DC it is not a state it does not have a governor the person in charge is the federal government led by the president of the United States so normally and I'm a big federalism guy just like John Kennedy is that no you can't March federal troops into a sovereign state without the sovereign state basically allowing him inviting you but in the case of Washington DC that all changes so John Kennedy said if you believe in federalism the decisions about the statues in these various locations throughout the country I agree with John Kennedy that should be made by the voters in those states about public art ought to be made by these communities are the city's not by the mops you have to have a full and fair discussion people have to feel free to express their opinion if you change what side would you really thank you're not free it's not fair if somebody expresses an opinion to say you're a racist I win but if those are the rules I'm Donald abide by and accept whatever the various communities to stop I will I will warn you about this stuff self righteousness in retrospect it is easy and cheap Arthur Schlesinger said that if you remove every statute of every person who did not meet modern day morals about race out anti semitism about Tom misogyny about gender equality and you do it right you're not gonna have any statutes left I mean we've had two major television stations for a long period of time the twentieth century America run the emotionally in the show and they do not for one season they ran it and sponsored it for forty years all we just found out a on late night television host appeared in blackface he was trying to be funny now if we're going to have this discussion we have to help with you have double standards would we've got to be able to talk about the in the the entire experience and what we're going to find Santa this is a good thing that Americans today view race and anti semitism and gender equality much differently in two thousand twenty than we did in eighteen twenty or or nineteen twenty that's called learning from history and I think we need to be careful before we are right yeah so I would go further I'm not talking about eighteen sixty versus two thousand twenty that's a good point but I think we think differently about a lot of these issues in twenty twenty a lot different than we did in twenty years ago in two thousand when would when did we start blaming the millennials shortly after that give the millennials were basically born around the turn of the millennium and so well I don't know what the exact years our board up the millennials but late nineties early two thousands and it was the everybody wins a trophy work they were criticized widely by that the snow flake label got thrown out there it basically was because of the fact that there was a cultural shift between the baby boomers and the Gen x.'ers and the millennials and I don't know where the gens these are but they're coming along too and I I've talked about this a million times I I've had many discussions it's a nice way of saying it with my grandmother they just thought that the Beatles were the worst thing ever in the history of the planet they were evil they were terrible that's not music I didn't even play rolling stones for her let alone Bob but I believe so things change values changed it seems like when we do that the show on veterans day it calls from people that talk about back in the day there was veterans day parades and there still are in some communities but they used to be huge big shows big that people turn out large numbers I always thought it was not fair I understand why it's November eleventh eleven eleven eleven hour eleven day but it was but it's cold in a lot of places a lot of people don't turn out for parades what is called the turnout for fourth of July parade because it's nice but people will call and talk about yeah I remember when I was a child.

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