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Who to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain weeks Jeopardy episodes there was a photo question. it was a picture of an athlete and no knew he was it. Was jimmy butler I i know him just from like casually watching sports not even being big basketball fan but just as general Wanted to know if he has surpassed in to them dumb I was very surprised that all three people did not know who it was and got it wrong so jimmy butler who were them Also i guess don't us ken jennings The new host or temporary host to jimmy butler. I've never the name. The name sounds familiar. I'm looking at the photo. I'm like you look familiar to me. He's a who to me so like one two three. You guessed it. I mean he's a sports person. Of course he's going to be a who to us sports. The name sounds than me. I'm like jimmy butler. He's probably someone that's a very good name. That's a good name a ken jennings. This is also the caller s. Because this call really went places. Ken jennings because of all this jeopardy like fanfares very recent them because now we're just talking about this guy left. I don't watch jeopardy. I'm not one of those people i don't either. But it still is a show that gets a lot of fanfare and obviously the news of alexander back like you know kind of fueled and people you know people still watch. It is what i'm saying. It's still a big tradition for a lot of people. Did you see a someone else called. There's a new guy on the running. Because there's a ken jennings the other one who's definitely who the one who looks like he looks like a million people. I've met in my life the other one the one. That's not ken jennings you know. I just can't believe it's like another white guy another kind of nerdy ish white guy will now. There's mike richards is the new one and someone called him. I'd never heard this name either. But he's like a professional hope. So but i get what they say when they want it would be kind of like amazing if like a big winner. The biggest winner in jeopardy history. Or like somebody who's known for being very good at jeopardy hosted it would just make contextual sense. But ken jennings is not like a professional host. So no matter. How many gigs. he's done. He will not be as good. Technically at this guy who's a host but like it is just interesting that the fees kind of the fan favorite. So it's hard to kind of go against that. I would say if i was like in the executives chair ken jennings seem like a shoe in for so long and now it seems like this guy might just get it because this is literally his job hosting and lindsay and i recently read alex trebek's memoir and what i didn't know is that al extract was just basically like the sky. After he worked in radio he was just a professional host. He just hosted one billion game. Will he our until they fired him. So it's like he'd get on one and the show would end and be like okay onto the next one. That was just his job and they were like. Oh we're bringing jeopardy back. We're getting a new host. You want to do this. And he was like sure and then he just never left. It wasn't like alex trebek's either invented or was very good at jeopardy. He literally just we need this guy and this and he was available. Jimmy butler who ken jennings them mike. Richard sue wright isolated jimmy butler s basketball guest. The team. can you guessed the team the heat. Yeah how do we. How did you know i guess. That's like one of two teams. I know the miami heat. The miami heat the position forward snow. No i only know. I only use two forwards only know forwarded like different defensive position no backward no forward and that's the forward is a position in every sport except for like baseball. I guess forward. And what does the forward. And they're forward they they score the goals vs. Because there's like you know you either like protect from people scoring or you score and a forward. I think scores and it's like a big role. Okay wow i swear to god people are gonna think cheated. I didn't cheat. I really did not know wondering who is the bigger than normal Aquafina pepsico aquafina crunch crunch as much as i like aquafina. The original aquafina is definitely the original aquafina. More than her name is literally based off that land. Aquafina pepsico aquafina. One two three fina pepsi colombo fina even though it is the worst tasting water. God forbid you have to drink water yes no dasani so much worse than worse find cise is that the co quarter. Yes is that designing the nastiest water on the planet. But i will say actually as we're saying pheno over and over again. I'm like associating it with her. Not the water in my mind like my mind is like back you know and also for now. She's like at the heels she's like nipping at the heels. No you're right. She's trying to be more nora. Because i think her being aquafina credited as aquafina in the last few things she's done has been more on the pressure of the kind of pub. Amer's remission you because she didn't switch over fast enough like she should have done this early on. But i think they were still hedging their bets on her being this kind of aquafina character which it turns out. She has more to offer than i remember. We were convinced that when a star is born came out lady gaga would be credited. Stephanie germany and she absolutely was not stupid stupid for that. We were stupid for that because they'll turns out in care because she still out here releasing records as lady gaga announcing as lady gaga. I think we'll have a member of the rock. Was the rock and movies for a little bit..

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