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Easily drop to have no business losing fixing interim five point and I look. It's made the plant one time in seventeen years. There's no like it even guests a number for teen. This made the class one in seventeen year. Thanks hopefully since Zaman done any and they have a quarterback off all right now we asked to perform. It's one of those played out and see where they're going to let me I think. Can you state the chiefs are GONNA win? Eleven and twelve and not blink horse but there's a lot there loop teams NFL. You can look at any schedules they're going to have. This many won't because you can Adams said at the other day news any game in the NFL for other than the chiefs and the Saints. A few others on put the cowboys owner. Can you and. I don't even know cowboys went. Only one eight or nine. You don't know just gotTa play it out. I think I think you're playing for second and it's all going to depend on which one of those three teens. You know what they've done to upgrade and translate out onto the field at if it does go the other way You know which got obviously. Yeah you never know as we sit here in early. May Who do you think if that were to happen? We're look back on the season at that point. Who you think would get blamed or who do you think the blame with lie if it goes sideways? Oh it'll go to Derek Carr Fair enough. I mean they're not they're not gonNA blame a head coach who's got a ten year deal. You know in in their cars lightning and he has been for a while in. I mean you know. This is not dates usually to quarterback. It's always the quarterback. Okay I'll word at a different way. Who I if it goes if it goes sideways. Who who do you believe would be like the real culprit in that case? I'm not forget like who might get blamed or what the perception might be. What do you think they? What do you think the The letdown would be if not responsible for but who literally would not live or play up to expectations for that APP. Oh I don't know if he can say single person I would just say defensively I mean. I think car would be because easy to blame the quarterback whether it's fair or not a lot of times it's not fair but if they're six and ten my guess is will be sitting here in a podcast Sane. All those supposedly defensive Improvements didn't work out because they just gave between points. Because I'm with you on the fact they should score points if they don't score points me really in trouble with what they've got it so. I don't know if it's I don't know if I can say one defensive player but I would think if they're six and ten were really honest about it will say again. They didn't perform defensively and yet you don't know people will always go to the quarterback and by the way of their six and ten. He's GonNa be the quarterback anymore so but truthfully and honestly I think if it goes south. It'll be defensively and we'll sit there and say all the upgrades said make didn't play up to their ability. Do you think at the end of this year. Cars GonNa whether whatever the record might be what we see visually on how he plays in how this offense by do you think that he'll be above the other. The back that the criticism of the responsibility now I think he should because I think they're going to score more points. Being between the twenties last drift can get ends on. Now you have whitten was great. You know he's he's up in years but he's always on the end zone. I think Henry Rugs as a difference not as much I think drugs could catch. A lot of touchdown passes but. I think he might open things up for other people. Josh Jacobs is in a second year. I think they're going to score more so I think that means car will play above expectations. But still they're seven and nine and six and ten. He could play about expectations. And not be the quarterback appalling. Yeah yeah that's that's the interesting thing for me like how you know who the person is going to be. If it doesn't work out you know this share and I guess we'll save because it's GonNa all bear out at some point. We're going to be able to figure out all right. It wasn't their cars all or you know. It wasn't the defenses offense. It's going to be entrusted to me if it goes sideways like that. You know where where the issues in Lebron's fault so everyone Mike. Mayock is putting himself out there in a position where you know he could. He can certainly take some of the criticism and I think he has done something. The last couple of years that I applaud. He's got away from group and Group. They always tells us like these. Are The guy this is the order. These are the best available players and I think far too often coach news fall victim of this general manager victim of this is what I go by what everybody else is thinking. I'm not GonNa take much critising Mike at this point to. Hey everybody felt that way but he has kind of stepped out and said. Hey these are the guys I want. This is my list. I'M GONNA to the vegetable available players to me which I think is the right thing to do and I applaud it but it also set yourself up where you are wrong. You are really taking a lot of eating a lot of criticism so you know. He's done at three years in a row with guys. Nobody thought we're going in the position. Where the raiders took him and if it works out you are genius and if it doesn't people on crucifying so I I think he's put himself in that position to which is good but you know he's got to answer for those decisions that have been made in the draft last couple of years. 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