Hezbollah, Golden Dome Mosque, FBI discussed on The Mark Levin Show


They were just ecstatic and we tracked cars i actually found cars there that had come from here they were jumping for joy and then after a couple of meetings with my eye contact uk back attend were not allowed to do anything what i said what are you talking about its hezbollah in ivory coast said we can't do anything with it we'd even discovered that they were us they know what he was doing well held on how to hunt be what you would this be it was two thousand nine two thousand pen i'd have to go back and look at the reports but it was around two thousand nine two thousand ten um go ahead i'm sorry interrupted you know it's five uh we we also discovered they were operating out of the golden dome mosque we knew the exact mosque we knew where they were living we knew who is doing it and we knew that they were smuggling a half billion dollars a week on middle eastern airlines every wednesday out of ivory coast to uh to lebanon so uh a lot of information with crystal clear and then i was shocked when my fbi contact came back and said we can't do anything with this i said what are you talking about well we can't do anything with it i thought oh my god since two thousand eight two thousand nine the head of the fbi was robert muller was he now i don't i don't know actually i'm while he was he was is the hidden wow i think for like twelve years until colmey came in so yes he was the head of the fbi he's now busy chasing uh you know people who were false statements processed crowd you wouldn't want it you would wanna brokerk on hezbollah cabrera knife exactly um now without without identifying herself the story in politico that iran a red just bring be ten twelve percent of it so you not only know a rings true you know it is true i know it is true i personally was there and took great risk to get that information only to have them say we can't use this.

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